Shrek Face Masks – Gimmicky or the Real Deal?

I’m the Real Shrek Pack vs I’m the Miracle Pink Pack vs Frozen Yoghurt Sleeping Pack (Olive Young x Dreamworks collab)

These here Shrek face masks have been available at my local Olive Young for 1-2 years at least, so clearly they’re selling well – I have seen many beauty products come and go at the local chemists’, often within months of being available on the shelves.

However, I have not been able to find many blog reviews of these babies, so let’s try and remedy that today, shall we?

・What they are: ・

In the Shrek Dreamworks range, there are four masks actually: the frozen yoghurt sleeping pack, the green I’m the Real Shrek Pack, the pink I’m the Miracle Pink Pack and the white I’m the Amazing White Pack. I did not purchase the white one purely because I was not into brightening or whitening all that much at the time. From what I can see, the white mask is another clay mask and I am not currently into those.


Slightly gimmicky masks but okay for the price.

・Price & Availability: ・

You can get all three locally at Olive Young shops. They usually go for 12,400 or so, but they often have sales or even 1+1 deals going on, so make sure you get a good price.

・Size/Quantity: ・

As far as I can see, these came in at 100 ml or 110 g, respectively.

1 – Frozen Yogurt Sleeping Pack

This one smells of Yakult drinking yoghurt and feels cooling on the skin when you first put it on. If you keep it in the fridge, the cooling sensation will be even more refreshing.

Looking at the ingredients list, I’m guessing this mainly consists too much water and too little of the good stuff though:

Source: cosDNA

It is a semi opaque gel and it glides on smoothly. You’re meant to use this after washing and toning your face, and then you’re meant to use it on top, go to sleep with it and wake up to great skin.

WELL. You might wake up to great skin if you already have great skin (in which case, what do you need a mask for then??), but this mask did pretty much nothing for me. I was unable to see any brightening or hydrating effects whatsoever. Do keep in mind though that my skin is dehydrated and acne prone, so if you have naturally well hydrated skin, you may like this ok.

As for me personally, though I did use it up, I did not repurchase this mask and am not planning on doing so in the future, either.

2 – I’m the Real Shrek Mask

Looking at the ingredients, cosDNA rates them all as pretty safe… but is this mask effective??

Source: cosDNA

I’ll come right out and say nah. It is at the end of the day just a regular kaolin/clay/mud type mask with a couple of weird bits thrown in for the novelty factor (note the weird texture in the photos).

So what you do then is remove your makeup, cleanse your face and apply this to your skin. After a few minutes, you may then wash it off with water.

Seeing as clay masks are very drying, I’d say gives this 5-10 minutes before it has the chance to suck any and all moisture from your poor skin.

The mask itself smells beautifully of mint and chocolate, and in that sense, it is a treat to use. The weird bits are a bit of a mess though and I’d recommend washing this off in the shower rather than at the sink, as those bits had the tendency to clog up my sink.

Taking the mask off was a bit of a concerted effort though. I had to gradually add water and keep rinsing over and over. Afterwards, skin felt clean and was ready for the rest of my skincare, though I wouldn’t say that I saw any miracles happening there. What I did appreciate was that this mask did not dry down super dry, i.e. with regular clay masks, they tend to get really dry and start cracking around the edges after only a few minutes, whereas this one was a bit more emollient and only started cracking after around 20 minutes or so.

The mask was okay as a maintenance product to keep skin clean, however as my skin type has changed a bit since turning 30, I won’t be repurchasing this as I find it too drying these days.

3 – I’m the Miracle Pink Pack

Okay, so out of all three, this is definitely my favourite. If you look at the ingredients list, it becomes clear to me as to why I enjoyed this quite a bit:

Source: cosDNA

Though this is essentially a clay mask, there are lots and lots of hydrating ingredients too, making this mask a nice option for people like me who have dehydrated skin but who also like to feel as though they are using a mask that can hoover up impurities and clear out pores a bit.

The rose water and perfume (fragrance) means that this mask smells gorgeous too, and seeing as you wash it off – it does not stay on your skin forever – the fragrance might be less likely to irritate if you are sensitive. I do not usually handle fragranced products all that well, although my skin is okay with them in mask form, so that’s alright I guess.

It takes a long time for this mask to dry down completely – 25-30 minutes, perhaps – and it does not feel uncomfortable while it dries, which again, is probably due to all the hydrating ingredients.

Out of all three masks, I felt I saw the most benefits with this one, as my skin felt hydrated but also clean, and I might have actually considered repurchasing if it were not for one caveat: This mask stains your skin somewhat. No matter how many times I washed my face and no matter how long I emulsified my face and no matter how long I held my face under the (lukewarm) shower head, my skin would remain stained and the only way for my to get rid of this staining was to take 3-4 cotton pads, soak them in toner and run them down my face, which was ok for me because I cleansed and hydrated my face at the same time.

If you’re not about that life though, you might find yourself a little annoyed at the fact that you have to clean your skin again, right after cleansing it.

Final Thoughts

If you are a Shrek fan and like gimmicky skincare, then do give these masks a try. I would class them as maintenance products rather than miracle workers. Still ok though. I would love to hear recommendations for face masks though – let me know in the comments! 💟

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