Review: Dr Jart+ | Ceramidin Facial Mask, aka I think my Facial Skin is Bloody Spoiled or else I would be Loving This

Pretty much everyone and their mother in Korea is familiar with Dr Jart’s Ceramidin range at this point. Though Dr Jart seems to be aggressively pushing their Tiger Grass/Cicapair range on social media as well as in the shops these days, their ceramide infused line appears to be more of a cult classic. The ceramidin cream in particular gets rave reviews and lots of love from tons of YouTubers and bloggers.

The question is, how does their sheet mask fare in comparison? Is it worth indulging or are you better off buying a tube of their crowd pleasing cream instead?

I am not quite sure why I could never get into Dr Jart’s Cicapair/Ceramidin lineup, seeing as I love so much of their skincare? I did actually buy their oil balm in the past as well as their colour correcting balm, and yet I never felt drawn to repurchase any product from these two lines once I had tried it.

For reference, I have tried and loved Dr Jart’s BB cream as well as their sunscreen, toner and face mask, and I have another very favourable toner review from their Biome range coming up too. And yet, Cicapair and Ceramidin just won’t do it for me, their flagship lines! But before I get ahead of myself –

・What it is: ・

It’s a sheet mask. You know what to do: Wash your mug, slap it on, wait.


It’s… nice?

・Price & Availability: ・

These are available online or locally through Olive Young Korea for ₩4,000 for one mask, though at times you can snag them up for a 1+1 deal, that’s how buy one get one free is called in Korea.

・Size/Quantity: ・

The mask is a standard sheet mask size, more on the fit in a bit. (Yay this rhymes!)

The packet weighs 22g or 0.78 oz, which means it comes in at a bit less than the 24g, 25g or 30g standard mask sheet sizes that I’ve seen floating about. 22g is definitely on the smaller side.


Just looking at the ingredients list, there don’t seem to be too many red flags here. A few low ranking triggers here and there – this mask is not what I’d call hypoallergenic – but nothing I’d worry about personally.

Source: cosDNA
Source: Skincarisma


The packaging is fairly standard and colourful yet minimalistic, a common approach with Dr Jart which I personally think is super. As noted with Dr Jart’s Brightening mask, interestingly, the packet feels as though it were made of paper yet obviously that can’t be true or else the package would be leaking to no end.

・What the company says:・ 

An ultra-moisturizing, hypoallergenic sheet mask made of natural fibers infused with skin soothing ingredients.

It’s the ideal dry skin SOS, as it imparts and seals critical moisture to visibly improve the skin’s texture and appearance. This mask is for normal, dry, and very dry skin experiencing dryness, itchiness, roughness, and discomfort.

Remove film and apply mask over cleansed face. Leave on for 20 minutes, then gently remove. Do not rinse. Massage remaining product into skin.

Source: Dr Jart US


The essence with which the mask is soaked is a milky white, not quite opaque creamy lotion that is a bit runny but not overly so, perhaps what the wine afficionados would call ‘leggy’ (it leaves little legs as it runs down the inside of the mask packet). It certainly is far from watery.


If you have ever smelled anything from the Ceramidin range, you’ll also know what this mask smells like. All of the Ceramidin products smell exactly the same.

It is a beautiful, earthy, medicinal smell that I am attributing to all the plant extracts in the formulation, especially the sage, mugwort (artemisia) and bergamot oil contained therein. Honestly if this were being sold as a perfume I would douse myself with in from morning till night because I love earthy scents. It is just lovely.


Yeah, you know what to do – just slap it on. But here’s what I would recommend you also consider.

  • Cleanse your face prior to application, preferably by double cleansing (first, an oil/balm cleanser to remove sunscreen and makeup, then a water soluble cleanser to actually cleanse skin).
  • Then, either exfoliate manually or chuck on an acid toner or mildly acidic toner to help skin soak up all the goodness that’s about to grace your face. (Another rhyme! In the same post! What is happening??)
  • Put on your mask. At this point, I usually take my mask out of the refrigerator because that is how I like to store my sheet masks – it is hard to beat that cooling sensation especially during those hot humid summers that we get here in Korea.
  • Leave on the mask for 20 minutes, preferably lying back so gravity can do its thing and you get to switch off for a bit, rather than running around with a mask on. I like to do some guided meditations while I have my masks on.
  • Take the mask off and top up with creams and/or facial oils to seal in all the hydration that you have just showered your face with.

The mask was a decent fit albeit perhaps a bit long on the forehead and chin, so some of it did get in my hairline. Then again, my face is a bit small, so you might not have any issues yourself.

The material of the mask was nice but not quite as nice as luxurious as that of my favourite Dr Jart mask which I reviewed here (mentioned above). As such, it did not hold product as well as that one and dried out more quickly but it was comparable or better to the material of other sheet masks that I have tried. It was smooth and felt comfortable to apply and keep on.


Honestly, I am not quite sure what to say. At the time, I did not have any skin concerns in particular and as such, my results were not bombastic. My skin was comfortable and hydrated but at the same time I did not hear any angels singing in the background once I went to take off the mask. My skin did look a bit brighter afterwards, however brighter skin is kind of a given once you get into deeply hydrating your skin.

I do feel however that you will find this useful on days where your skin throws a hissy fit of sorts. Dry skinned people and people suffering the dreaded case of Winter Skin would find this particularly pleasant as it really envelops your face in a cocoon of goodness.

・Final Thoughts:・  

That being said, there are many nice, reasonably priced sheet masks out there.

Though I liked using this here mask, I have not repurchased it since. I suggest the following: Buy a cheapo sheet mask such as one from Mediheal, and then top up with their Ceramidin cream instead. Your result will be just the same, while using their cream rather than the sheet mask will be much kinder to your wallet in the long run.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Dr Jart+ | Ceramidin Facial Mask, aka I think my Facial Skin is Bloody Spoiled or else I would be Loving This

  1. I was thinking of trying this one too at some point but I like your idea of just getting the cream itself rather than the sheet mask. and now I think I’m also more drawn to the Brightening one you reviewed 😀

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