Review: Charmzone – Control Cream Self Massage | What’s really being controlled here, apart from your Wallet?

Honestly, I am probably the thriftiest, most money conscious person that I personally know. I always go grocery shopping with a plan. I get as much use and wear as I possibly can out of my possessions and live by reduce-reuse-recycle in all areas of life. If I need something, I’ll do a ton of research first before I get it and then wait for it to go on sale or I’ll try and get a coupon or some other kind of discount or freebie out of it – I am not one to go impulse shopping.

And yet… all my resolutions get thrown out the window when it comes to cosmetics shopping. Hahahaha!!!

This here Control Cream too then was an impulse buy, and it kind of reminds me to maybe… not do that anymore? Admittedly, generally speaking, I am pretty good about planning and timing my purchases especially when it comes to more expensive items, but when it comes to smaller ones, I find it hard to resist at times. Let’s jump into the review!

・What it is: ・

It is a face mask/cleansing face mask hybrid that you apply as part of your cleansing routine or after removing your makeup.


Why so greasy though?

・Price & Availability: ・

I got mine locally from Olive Young Korea. If I recall correctly, I think I might have paid a manner (₩10,000), give or take ₩2,000.

・Size/Quantity: ・

You get 150ml, which is a generous size for a face mask/pack type of product.


The ingredients list itself does not indicate any major red flags but then again, just because it is not bad for your skin on paper doesn’t have to mean that it is good. Water and mineral oil are listed first and that corresponds to the feel of the mask, more on that in a bit. They certainly are cheap ingredients though!

Source: cosDNA


The cream is housed in a plastic squeezy tube, which makes dispensing easy enough.

・What the company says:・ 

Honestly the ad copy on their website is a bit short:

The all-new bestselling Control Cream attested for by 20 million users
All skin types

On the tube itself, the packaging reads:

How to use: After cleansing, apply appropriate amount thickly to the entire face. After 2-3 minutes, you will see the moisture on your face. Then, massage for 1 minute. Cleanse with water once wastes [sic] are discharged.

The packaging doesn’t mention what ‘wastes’ they refer to, though. I am assuming dead skin.


The cream is an opaque white that turns a little more transparent as it stays on your face.


The aroma is that of some generic skincare or body cream… something along the lines of Nivea perhaps. It is quite pleasant and not too overbearing, which I appreciated. Hate, hate, hate fragranced skincare but this was just fine.


In my mind, this works like a balm or oil cleanser. I would recommend that you use an eye makeup remover first if you do wear eye makeup, and then go in with this. Do NOT use it as an eye makeup remover because it will burn if you get it in your eyes and your vision will turn cloudy until you rinse it out of your eyes completely.

Alternatively, you could use an oil cleanser or micellar water and then apply this. Up to you! The way I personally used it was like this:

eye makeup remover > micellar water > oil cleanser > Control Cream

Do note that you should use this cream on a dry or towel dry face only – if you do not like touching your face with a towel like me e.g. due to acne concerns, then you could use a cosmetic tissue to dry down your face.

If you use it on wet skin, it won’t work. Believe you me, I tried! However, wet skin seems to mess with the mechanics of the cream.

I layered it on quite thickly as you can see above, and then waited for a good 5 minutes. The cream then turned into a clear-ish oil balm on my face. If you are not used to oily textures on your mug, you may find it uncomfortable, but because I use cleansing oil and face oils daily, it did not bother me in the slightest.

Next, I proceeded to massage the mask in as best I could. The mask then balled up a little on my face (this is probably what the product copy refers to as ‘wastes’) and I kept massaging, usually for at least 3 minutes and up to 10 minutes if I felt a bit like pampering myself that day. I would then hop into the shower and massage it with moistened hands a bit more, before finally rinsing it all off.

It may all sound a bit involved but I love my evening skincare routine as I get to listen to YouTube or my favourite podcasts as I remove my makeup, cleanse my skin, do a little facial massage using my cleansing oil of choice and perhaps mask around a little before I get ready for bed or perhaps write or learn before hitting the sack. So no, I did not mind that this mask takes a bit of time, though this aspect of it may not be for you personally.

The mask rinsed off reasonably well, though I would recommend using some kind of flannel, cleansing cloth or silicone tool to get it all off for it did leave a very greasy, oily film unless another type of tool was involved and I was not a fan of that.

To be clear, I am not a proponent of squeaky clean skin either as my skin is dehydrated. I actually like hydrating cleansers and a bit of a film left behind does not worry me. The reason why it bothered me was that it was simply too oily for my liking and my skin did just not feel really clean at all.


Honestly, I did not see any results with this mask at any point of my using this. Skin did not feel cleansed properly unless I was using another cosmetic tool to get it all off, breakouts did not feel or look any different, fine lines looked to be the same as before.

That being said, my skin did feel very soft after use, but I would attribute this to the mineral oil contained therein. By the way, I do not hate on mineral oil the way some people do, I just felt that the product did just not deliver all that much apart from softening my skin.

The most benefits I believe were derived from having a product that stayed on skin without sinking in properly and that could be moved around for long periods of time, meaning you can really massage this for quite a while and relax all your facial muscles that way.

・Final Thoughts:・ 

I used this up no problem, though I do not see myself repurchasing anytime soon. The greasy film left behind after use did not do it for me. I am not sure what the company means by control cream. My money was being controlled more than anything else, and I am not sure how they can claim on their website having sold 20 million units of this.

However, I do feel that mature and very dry skinned ladies might really benefit from this one actually due to its occlusive feeling moisturising effect.

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