Review: BRTC Powder Cleansing Tea Bags – Can you be any more Gimmicky?

Every now and again, Korea comes up with these super random, super gimmicky products that look super fun but do absolutely nothing. Scinic’s Help My Lip bubble mask was one of those – reviewed here, as was Neogen’s frothy Canadian clay cleanser – see here, and so was Charmzone’s oily control cream – reviewed just a few days ago. And here’s another super product to add to that list of gimmicky, fun, super duds!

・What they are: ・

These are tea bags that you are supposed to hold under water, lather up and spread the resulting foam on your face. The packaging touts three benefits: Peeling – Pack – Cleansing.


Don’t waste your money.

・Price & Availability: ・

I have seen these at both Olive Young and Lalavla locally here in Korea. Online, I see these retail for ₩2,500 for 1 tea bag in 1 packet. I got mine as a gift with purchase so cannot comment on the price in-store. The website states another recommended retail price of US $2 per unit.

・Size/Quantity: ・

The packaging states that 1.5 g of product (minuscule, even if you consider that it is meant to be lathered up!) are contained therein. 1.5 g for a cleanser/mask that is supposed to be good for 1 application? In my experience, that is ridiculous and I have a pretty small face.


I cannot find the ingredients listed anywhere online, which is a massive no-no to me. I can however glean them from the back of the packaging. Seeing as the ingredients are not listed online, this also means that this has not been picked up by cosmetics analysis sites yet. Here are the ingredients lists, in Korean and English, respectively:

As you can see, corn starch and fruit extracts are listed first, followed by a number of surfactants and then some beneficial skincare ingredients such as glycerin and allantoin. However, seeing as they are listed rather further down the list, it is questionable to me as to how effective those ingredients really get to be in the concentrations contained therein.


The foil packet contains exactly one teabag, each. Outer packaging:

Inside, you can find a tea bag containing those 1.5 g of powdered product:

This is what the bags look like when wet:

・What the company says:・ 

Honestly, I was a bit shocked reading the ad copy text online on BRTC’s website. My ten year old Korean students could have done a better job of writing. I will not get into the ins and outs of their site – you can view the site in all its glory over here – but I did want to leave you with a screenshot of their website in which they claimed 100% satisfaction on all counts. Come on!

No, no, NO. This is not how you win over customers.


The lather feels flimsy and insubstantial once worked up. It is very watery and dissipated into nothing pretty much as soon as it touched my skin. It seemed to drip right off my face when I was expecting a rich, luxurious, foaming experience.

Here are some photos taken right after lathering up the powder within the bag and applying it on my face:


The scent was pretty nice actually, rather light and discreet. I had been worried it’d be an overperfumed Lush bath bomb in mask format and was pleasantly surprised when this was not the case.


The way I used this was as follows: I wet the packet, rubbed it between my hands like a soap net, and then applied the suds to my previously cleansed face as I was expecting this to be more of an exfoliating mask.

There was no physical exfoliation, though there might have been some chemical exfoliation – it was hard to tell as I felt no tingling. The website does state that AHAs are contained therein. However, I use PHAs on the daily (my favourite being CNP’s peeling booster, a veritable HG product which I reviewed here) and thus might have accustomed my skin to acid treatments, so perhaps this tea bag does actually exfoliate?

The suds disappeared rather quickly, drying down to a soapy feeling layer. I waited for about 5 minutes following application and then rinsed the whole shebang off. It came off clean and rinsed off easily.


In my mind, this was more of a very, very mild second step cleanser. It did not do anything but then again, I might have seen results had I used this consistently for a month.

This would have set me back ₩75,000 however, which is not a price I am willing to pay for a month’s supply of anything, be it a mask, cleanser or exfoliant.

I feel that buying a regular facial cleanser, such as cosRX’s Good Morning Low pH cleanser which I reviewed here, would have given better results.

・Final Thoughts:・  

I’m just glad I did not spend my own money on these super duds! I see them going for 70% off at my regular Olive Young, so clearly these babies have not been selling all that well in the real world, either.

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