Quick Review: Hidro Fugal – Classic | Is this a True Classic as the Name Suggests?

Did you know that North East Asians (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese) apparently do not stink when they sweat?? I can confirm the Korean side of this first hand thanks to my Korean husband and having lived in Korea for over four years now but am unable to comment on Chinese and Japanese due to lack of personal experience.

However, if you are a white person like me, you know that you get smelly pits sometimes, in summer especially. So you have to buy deodorant, if you like it or not.

Unfortunately, in Korea, deodorant is retailed at black market prices due to the fact that only foreigners need it, not Koreans – hence the economies of scale cannot do their thing, or else Korean chemists might just be a little greedy. 😁

Today, I wanted to throw out a quick review of Hidro Fugal’s deodorant. I got this at a time when I was trying out Byly deodorants, which completely ruined my underarms as they burned my skin off. You can read my review of Byly’s Evoque here.

I bought Hidro Fugal because it was meant to deodorise me while preventing further skin irritation.

Price, Packaging, Availability

I got mine from Olive Young on sale for ₩8,000, though I think they usually go for ₩10,000, roughly speaking.

This is a roll-on deodorant containing 50 ml. As it is not a spray, it does not contain any aerosol gases, which is better for the environment. For this reason, I usually choose deodorant sticks and roll-ons.

My Impression

My pits were seriously hurting at the time of purchase due to skin irritation caused by another deodorant mentioned above, and thankfully, this Hidro Fugal one did not cause further irritation, allowing my skin to heal itself within 1-2 weeks.

For that, I salute thee, Hidro Fugal! My armpits did get better and this deodorant felt nice and cooling going on.

This had more of a creamy, Nivea-ish scent which was very faint.

What I will have to say is this though: It did not quite deodorise as much as I wanted it to. At the end of any given workday, I always ended up sniffing myself nervously because I felt that I was starting to stink.

I asked my husband to take a whiff and he said that he could smell some armpit smell but only if he actually put his nose into my pits and took a deep breath. He concluded that I was being paranoid and told me not to worry.

Final Thoughts

I think this deodorant could work for you if you are not quite as smelly as me and if you like your deodorant to smell of more or less nothing. I will not be repurchasing personally because I need something just a little stronger and more effective at keeping the stinkies at bay.

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