Review: Lush | Kerbside Violet (solid perfume)

I do not do perfume reviews often, but man, do I love fragrance! Violet has been one of my favourites for quite a while due to how it can be delicate and strong at the same time. Today, I wanted to dive into an offering by Lush.

A few months ago, I reviewed another solid perfume by Lush called Vanillary. You can read my review over here. I have since come to the conclusion that Lush makes amazing perfumes and this one, called Kerbside Violet, is no exception.

I have always struggled with the concept of regular department store style perfumes and Lush seems to hit that sweet spot of imparting fragrance while at the same time refraining from perfume-y scents that just smell generic and boring. Honestly, next to Demeter, their perfumes are probably my favourite scents as they just have that special something that keeps them from smelling boring and run-of-the-mill.

Anyways, let’s get into today’s review.

・What it is: ・

This is a solid perfume, i.e. a perfume that you apply like a cream over skin, perhaps on your pulse points (knees, neck, wrists, behind your ears) or wherever else you would like to smell nice (boobs?).


This is a strong floral with green notes.

・Price & Availability: ・

This is only available online by the looks of it, and apparently only as a big spray bottle. I cannot seem to find this listed as a solid perfume any longer. It must have been discontinued for the time being.

・Size/Quantity: ・

Online, the solid perfumes go for £10.00/ 6g. At Lush Korea’s website, these retail for ₩20,000 / 6g. For reference, ₩20,000 is roughly £13.20 at the time of writing. A slight markup but nothing too tragic considering things like transport logistics, marketing and so forth.

What does bug me quite a bit however is that they literally went from 12g in the above tin packaging to 6g in a glass jar. Half the product, same price.

Shame on you Lush for thinking no one would notice.


List of ingredients according to company website

Natural Ingredients, Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils.


I am still rather miffed at how Lush has chosen to repackage their solid perfumes. I got mine packaged in a little tin which made this well suited for travel and just chucking it in your purse for everyday use. Now that they have chosen glass jar packaging, I do not see these to be as easy to tote around as before, though I will have to concede that I have not actually visited a physical shop to find out for myself.

For reference, this is the new packaging as per company site albeit with a different perfume – as mentioned above, Kerbside Violet no longer seems to be available as a solid:

・What the company says:・ 

Soft, green shoots entwined with heavy concrete – a romance of earth and stone imagined in sweet, green hues. Sweet violets border the kerbs; tenacious in their delicacy, earnest little faces fragile enough to crush underfoot. Look closer. See how the petals flush with colour and dew hangs at the throat of each bud. See how the violets spread, mycellium-like, through an urban jungle, adorning avenues of gravel and brick with purple plumage. A tentative springtime imagined in perfume, still tempered by morning frosts, but with the promise of summer to come.


Texture wise, this is nice and soft and applies easily. The cream is of a delicate violet colour and contains some black bits, kind of like when you scrape out vanilla pods.


Ok, the most important part of the review. At first sniff, this smells strongly but nicely of Parma violets. It most certainly is a very floral scent that will leave smelling like a veritable bouquet of violets, but in a natural way, like the actual flowers. Nothing synthetic over here.

As the scent settles, you seem to be travelling the flower downwards, as green notes take over. I cannot describe them in any other way as I find talking about fragrance rather difficult. It just smells very green, of grass, but in a chicory-bitter sort of way, kind of like dandelions when freshly picked.

Underneath it all, there is a strong presence of a rather earthy scent that delicately worms its way into your nostrils. As you travel from the petals to the stems and grasses and herbs growing around the actual violet plant, you get a hefty note of wooden earthiness that grounds this floral, preventing it from becoming overly sweet or cloying.

In that sense, it is not just a mere floral, it is a green, woodsy floral that keeps developing throughout the day without becoming boring or flat.


I have had bad experiences with pigmented solid perfumes staining clothes, so I would recommend either wearing dark clothes or clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or trying to pick a solid perfume that does not contain pigments or dyes. I have white clothes that have gotten permanently stained from solid perfume and I’m upset still.

Luckily, this one never stained clothes as, when rubbed on skin, the colour sheered out pretty much to an almost transparent wash of violet colour. The scent was long-lasting and I was able to smell it on myself pretty much all day. I believe that the cream base actually helps the perfume stay on longer, kind of how many articles on the Internet seem to be telling me to spray perfume over lotion.

・Final Thoughts:・  

This was a lovely perfume that I enjoyed using. I hesitate to call it a signature perfume as I prefer gourmand scents (foodie themed) and heavy, earthy, oriental scents (sandalwood, pepper, etc) these days, however this was beautiful and I always liked wearing it.

Side note, my husband did not enjoy this at all, saying it was too strong and too sweet. He would have rather I had not worn it as much as I did. What I am trying to say is, perhaps not everyone around you will love this but then again, that is the case with pretty much anything in life. Some people enjoy things that other people don’t.

I keep hearing good things about Black Phoenix Alchemy labs’ perfumes however am loath to buy perfume unseen. Do you have experiences with BPAL or any other alternatively branded scents and perfumes, or perfumes that do not smell like generic copies of existing perfumes?

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