Review: Innisfree – Apple Seed Cleansing Oil | It’s… nice?

Ah, cleansing oils. Truly a magnificent invention of the beauty industry! No other cleansing product seems to remove makeup as well as they do for me, plus I get to enjoy a little facial massage to really relax all the little muscles in my face that might have tightened up during the day (I only use cleansing oils at night).

As per Simply Saima’s glowing review, I am currently using DHC’s cleansing oil – review coming up in probably a few months considering my massive backlog of products I have photographed and want to talk about – so this is a cleansing oil that I used up earlier this year.

Today also marks the first time of my reviewing an actual facial oil on the blog. While I have reviewed cleansing foams, cleansing balms, massage creams and gel cleansers before, today I will be delving into Innisfree’s Apple Seed cleansing oil.

・What it is: ・

This is a cleansing oil which serves to remove oil-based makeup, sunscreen and impurities from the skin. You apply it over dry skin, massage it in, emulsify it with a little water and then rinse off.


It neither wowed nor disappointed.

・Price & Availability: ・

I got mine from an Innisfree roadside shop near where I live for around ₩18,000. I am not sure whether it was on sale or not.

・Size/Quantity: ・

The oil came in a 150 ml bottle.


Overall speaking, the ingredients come out as pretty safe with the exception of some fragrance. As with all Korean beauty products, the fact that the ingredients don’t have to be listed in order of how much is contained therein is rather annoying. We still don’t know what it is made up of for the most part.


Source: cosDNA
Source: Skincarisma


It seems to be fairly standard to package cleansing oils in some kind of pump packaging and Innisfree did the same here. Why reinvent the wheel? This works well for me too. The pump was sturdy and dispensed evenly the entire time that I was using this.

・What the company says:・ 

1. Formula with apple extract and apple seed oil to keep skin healthy
Apple extract and apple seed oil treat flaking dead skin cells and keeps skin healthy.

2. Refreshing apple scent offers a pleasant cleansing experience
The refreshing scent of apple makes you feel good and relaxed while removing makeup.

Apply an appropriate amount onto dry hands and gently smooth over dry face to dissolve makeup. Add water with fingertips and massage to remove makeup. Rinse off with lukewarm water afterwards.


In terms of texture, this is by far the lightest cleansing oil that I have ever used. If you are new to cleansing oils and don’t quite fancy the image of massaging oil on your face for fear it might be too heavy, or if you have always found traditional cleansing oils to be too heavy, this might be one to look into.

Personally, I love the feeling of cleansing oils, or any oil for that matter, on my face, and the heavier, the better. I did not mind how light this one was in particular, but I also would not have minded if this had been a tad heavier and, um, well, oilier.


This cleansing oil smells just like apples. I cannot quite decide whether it was more on the artificial side or whether it was natural but I think it leant more towards smelling naturally of apples. Personally, it is something I could have done without. I like my skincare to be either herbal and medicinal or unscented. Girly scents like this are not a turn on for me.


  • I only used this at night to remove makeup. In the mornings, a quick foam cleanse is enough for me.
  • Do note that I use an eye makeup remover to get my heavy eye makeup off (I love cream shadows, cat eyeliner and several lashings of mascara) plus micellar water to rid myself of the outer layers of foundation that I like to trowel on in the mornings.
  • Only once that’s been done, I go in with a cleansing oil. Following the cleansing oil, I remove any remaining traces of makeup and sunscreen and who knows what else settles on my face during the day with a pH balanced foam cleanser (my favourite is cosRX’s Low pH Good Morning Cleanser which I reviewed here).

When applying this, I found that I had to be mindful of the fact that it was a bit runny but it did not bother me overly.

I found that one pump was sufficient but then again I have a small face and the micellar water takes away a lot of the makeup and impurities, so if you don’t do that, you may find that you need 2-3 pumps as recommended by the company.

This was ok to use for facial massage and it had a reasonable amount of slip to it, allowing for it to be spread around the face easily. While massaging it in, this stayed on top of my skin, which I personally preferred as it allowed me to manipulate the oil with my fingers for a proper massage without having to fear that the oil would be absorbed into my skin.

Once I felt that I had massaged the oil sufficiently, I would then emulsify it with water – no muslin cloth or facial cloth required as far as I am concerned. A bit of water turned the clear oil into a milky liquid, just like all the other cleansing oils that I have ever used. No surprises there.


Seeing as I do not rely on this one cleansing oil for all my cleansing needs, it did not have to work very hard to impress me. And you know what, this did its job. It removed traces of sunscreen and foundation and other base makeup well.

It did not dry my skin out and made my skin feel soft and smooth. It never broke me out and rinsed off clean.

As for blackhead and whitehead removal, honestly, I cannot quite remember as it has been a while. I just remember that this removed makeup, dust and sunscreen well.

・Final Thoughts:・  

This was alright, although I feel that I can get a whole wide range of cleansing oils at a similar price point for the same quantity. Plus, there are so many new offerings that I want to try, I doubt that I will be repurchasing simply because this was no standout for me. I will have to say however that this performed well and I cannot find any faults whatsoever except for the fragrance, which was a bit too strong and girly for my personal taste.

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12 thoughts on “Review: Innisfree – Apple Seed Cleansing Oil | It’s… nice?

    1. For eye makeup removers, I always go back to cheapo biphase ones by Pond’s or Point (Olive Young or Lalavla).

      One or the other will usually have a 1+1 deal for a manner or they will be reduced to ₩5,000. These are super oily and uncomfortable but they remove waterproof mascara and gel eyeliner and liquid eyeliners that stain.

      Since they don’t stay on my skin for very long anyways, I don’t mind. Plus they don’t sting my eyes.

      I also used to enjoy Bifesta (probably not available these days due to no Japan?) but when I found Point and Pond’s which do the same thing for half the price, I never looked back.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I dropped by Olive Young today but I didn’t see the Bifesta one, saw other Bifesta products, just not the lip and eye makeup remover. I did use it a while back but never repurchased it however I do remember liking it.

        Might give the Pond’s a try in the future! Thanks for the 1+1 tip! Have a great weekend!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I cannot see DHC or any Japanese beauty brands for that matter anywhere anymore. Strangely enough, the only Japanese products that are still on the shelves these days are Tsubaki haircare products.

        Friends who visited Japan told me they couldn’t see Korean tourists anywhere.

        All the Japanese food items are off the shelves everywhere as well.

        On Pepero Day, my students didn’t get Pepero and were gifted 떡 instead because Lotte is a Korean Japanese company.

        These are just some of the manifestations of No Japan these days.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh wow even lotte snacks!, it’s really conflicting because I understand why, but also like the things that aren’t being sold or bought.


      3. For me it’s kind of like fighting hate with hate which I’m not sure if that is the best possible outcome. Someone convince me please? I want to be a good foreigner but can’t help feeling super conflicted.

        Also not sure if it’s really hitting Japan all that hard. My Japanese friends had no idea when I asked them. It’s a complete non issue over there, they told me. I feel as though Korea is on the losing side more than Japan and painting itself in a corner in the process.

        Liked by 1 person

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