My Top Picks for Eye Makeup Removers

aka In Defense of cheapo Biphase Eye Makeup Removers feat Point, Pond’s, Scinic and Bifesta

Just the other day, as I was commenting on my own post on Innisfree’s Apple Seed Cleansing Oil, I was asked whether I’d tried their eye makeup remover and I said no. You know what I have tried though? A lot of other eye makeup removers! Let’s make a start.

Here are my criteria for an eye makeup remover to warrant repurchase:

  • must be capable of removing waterproof mascara, liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner and waterproof & smudge proof eye primer
  • should cost only ₩5,000 or thereabouts – if I am to use a separate eye makeup remover, it’s got to be affordable or else I will be stingy with the product, and if I’m stingy with the product, I think I’ll use a few lashes due to having rub my eyes more – that’s how I rationalise it
  • should rip out as few lashes as possible (if a few come off while rubbing, I won’t mind too much)
  • should come in a sturdy yet light container, preferably plastic
  • should be biphase as I have found that only biphase removers are capable of being effective yet gentle
  • MUST NOT sting my eyes (a bit of cloudy vision is ok if I get some in my eyes)

Read on for my top picks that I keep repurchasing:

Scinic Coconut Lip & Eye Remover

My Thoughts

This is my latest and greatest discovery when it comes to eye makeup removers. I pour some on a cotton pad, swipe at my eye makeup, and boom! It’s all gone. Out of all the makeup removers on this list, this one is most efficient when it comes to removing eye makeup. No rubbing, no waiting, just gentle swiping to get all your stubborn waterproof makeup off.

This comes in a standard plastic bottle containing 140ml of product. The bottle is blue, the product itself is clear. I got mine for ₩4,900 at Lalavla.

Be aware that this smells faintly of coconut. If you hate the scent of coconuts – many people I know do – then you may not enjoy this one so much.

Pond’s Clear Face Spa Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

My Thoughts

This one was alright. In terms of size, it is slightly smaller, coming in at 120 ml. I paid a manner (₩10,000) for a pack of two at Olive Young; one bottle lasted me roughly three months. The bottle is clear, allowing you to see at a glance how much product is left; the oily layer of the product is blue and remains on top until you shake it up, resulting in a light blue mixed product once you apply it. As far as I can tell, it is unscented.

The drawback here is that you may want to cover each eye with your cotton pad and then swipe or else you may find that you need to rub a bit (not good if you want to keep your lashes and keep your under eye area as wrinkle free as possible). This removes makeup well as long as you remember to give the product time to work.

Out of all the makeup removers on this list, this might be my least favourite but it’s still a good remover – just not as amazing as the other ones.

Bifesta Eye & Lip Eye Makeup Remover

My Thoughts

Out of all the removers on this list, this is the most expensive remover, coming in at ₩10,000 at Lalavla for 145 ml. Due to the No Japan movement here in Korea, this one was unavailable locally for several months, however I checked my local Lalavlas and Olive Youngs and both have Bifesta back in stock. I previously reviewed this one over here.

This one works really quite well and is unscented. I will still recommend that you place your cotton pad over your eye for 10 seconds before you start wiping. No stinging, no cloudiness. It’s my second favourite on the list but due to it being more expensive, I’m probably going to skip it for the foreseeable future.

Point Deep Clean Lip & Eye Remover

My Thoughts

Clearly, Scinic and Point are using the same supplier for their packaging needs! Their plastic bottles look exactly the same. This one is an unscented eye makeup remover; it comes in a 140 ml bottle that I got from Olive Young for ₩5,000. The product is clear while the bottle is tinted green.

In terms of efficiency, this one was pretty ok. As with most of the others, I would still recommend that you keep your cotton pad on your eye for about 10 seconds or so before you start rubbing. I kind of forgot to take photos of the other ones in action except for this one – here you go:

Final Thoughts

I really quite like the Scinic one as I don’t need to rub nor wait and the price is fab too – I think I’ll stick with that one for now. The Bifesta one would have to be my second favourite in terms of performance but I feel it’s a bit expensive compared to the other ones. Pond’s and Point were fine and I would repurchase them if Scinic’s offering was unavailable.

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2 thoughts on “My Top Picks for Eye Makeup Removers

  1. I’ve been wanting to try out the Bifesta one for ages!! The scenic one sounds great too. How would you say these compare to Bioderma for removing point makeup? I tend to just stick to Bioderma because I don’t like the feeling around my eyes that most eye & lip makeup removers, cleansing oils or balms I have tried leave behind XD I have an eye & lip makeup remover by Clio that I’m hesitating to open but probably should give it a go.

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    1. I love wearing Heroine Make mascaras (Japanese brand, waterproof, do not budge) however Bioderma cannot remove them even a little bit…that’s why I have to include an eye makeup removal step! And like you say, I hate the oily feeling around my eyes so Bioderma takes care of that in the next step.

      Liked by 1 person

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