From Stash to Trash: Colour Makeup Empties Galore

…lipsticks, blushes, matte lipsticks, tints, liquid eyeliner, cream eyeshadow…

I’m pretty good when it comes to using up skincare empties or repurposing unsuitable items (e.g. drying face washes are usually ok as brush cleansers and lotions that don’t work for my face are normally ok to use on my legs and arms).

I cannot say the same for colour makeup, however I have really tried to use up what I have in recent months to help create a slightly longer post featuring a bunch of colour makeup empties in one go.

Let’s have a look at what I have managed to finish up as of late. I don’t go by expiry dates or dates after opening – shocking, I know – so all empties are cosmetics that I have actually used up.

What colour makeup products have you finished recently? Do you find yourself drawn to repurchasing any of them? I find that by the time I finish a certain lipstick or eyeshadow has been used up, so many other products have popped up so that I am most likely to try something new straight away!

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in Doutzen’s Nude

This type of shade is my favourite kind of lippie: A soft pink with beige undertones. Perfect for everyday wear when you want something to go with winged eyeliner. Looks best on fair skin tones in my opinion, might wash you out if you are medium or darker. I would recommend this for neutral to cool undertones. Nice and creamy, moisturising, feels like an adult lipstick. It transfers but then again, I love reapplying lipstick. A classic formula, a beautiful shade.

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in Eva’s Nude

Apart from beige pinks, I also like… pink beiges! Lol! I really like this one for when I go in with a heavier smokey eye for more of a 60s feel. Lovely lipstick, slightly moisturising, creamy, satin finish. A very classic, adult feeling lipstick with a reasonable price tag. You will definitely have to reapply every time you eat, drink, smoke, makeout or whatever else you wish to do with your mouth.

Peripera Ink Cushion in 01 Ivory

No swatches, sorry! You’ll be glad to hear that I cannot recommend this anyway because it smudges and smears like there’s no tomorrow. It stays wet pretty much the entire time you have it on even with setting spray, and powdering it renders it super cakey. Cannot recommend.

(This is technically a base makeup item and therefore not a colour empty… however I forgot to swatch this one properly, so here it goes for at least a quick mention.)

Essence Dip Eyeliner in Black – Waterproof

I picked this up in a pack of three for under a manner – a complete steal – as I go through black eyeliner quite regularly. The nib is a bit too thick to draw fine lines but if you don’t mind that, it’s an alright eyeliner to work with. It removes easily and since it is a dip eyeliner, it allows for more control if you are using a lot of powder eyeshadow underneath (pen eyeliners tend to skip over powder eyeshadow for me).

Matte Lipsticks and Lip Tints (Urban Decay, Elf, Nyx, Pony Effect, Some Korean Roadside Brand I cannot Recall)

As I am getting older, my skin, including my lips, is getting drier and drier. As a result, tints and matte lip sticks, which tend to dry my lips out, have started looking rather unpleasant on me. They settle into cracks and fine lines, they feather, they bleed. They’re just not a good look. Out with the old, in with the… nothing! I still have heaps of other lip products to fall back on! No buying new lipsticks 4 me.

I’m Meme Stick Shadow in ES404 Milky Way

I like cream eyeshadows for simple everyday looks or for when I want to use them as a coloured eye primer sort of base. This stick shadow adhered quite well, yet was creamy enough to blend in. The rosy colour was a tad too cool for my liking – I prefer neutral tones – but it still worked quite well with the rest of my makeup. Applying eyeliner and shadows was quick and easy, and they blended in well together.

Bourjois Paris Blush – Rose d’Or

This blush has been raved about highly in the blogosphere and I can see why. It is a lovely pink with a soft golden sheen, perfect for when you want to apply blush and highlighter at the same time but cannot be arsed to use two different products.

I no longer use pink blushes or powder blushes for that matter as I use cream/liquid anything on my face these days with the exception of powder eyeshadows and powder highlighters. I really enjoyed using this back in the day, though I have to say that the baked texture made this a bit difficult to pick up with a brush, especially as time went on.

Final Thoughts

I am by no means a makeup hoarder. I have exactly 2 eyeshadow palettes and both of them were gifted. I have around a dozen lipsticks but half of them were gifted too. I have one highlighter palette with one pan missing (it broke and fell out). So really, I should have more empties but shockingly, I don’t.

How often do you get to chuck a colour makeup item??

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2 thoughts on “From Stash to Trash: Colour Makeup Empties Galore

  1. I’m guilty haha I have wayyy too many eye shadow palettes XD thinking to declutter my makeup stash one of these days. I’m the same with matte lippys, steered away from them in recent years.

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