First impressions: Uriage Xemose Cleanser & Cream | If your skin likes to Freak Out, do consider this Bland Duo. I know I will.

aka Syndet Nettoyant Doux / Gentle Cleansing Syndet + Creme Relipidante Anti-Irritations / Lipid Replenishing Anti-Irritation Cream

Today’s review goes slightly against the grain as I will be reviewing travel size items that I still used up, mind you, I just did not purchase the full size items for review. However, I actually really liked both of these items and am considering getting the full sizes, which is why I decided to review them today and share my review with you.

I got both of these travel size / deluxe sample size items at Lalavla Korea and used them at a time when I had pneumonia last year. I could barely move around and just generally felt like death warmed up.

I credit this cleanser and moisturiser for saving my poor skin during this otherwise ungodly period in time. But let’s get some quick stats out of the way first.

・What it is: ・

As for the syndet, my curiosity was piqued as I read the packaging, for the name alone. As the Internet was quick to inform me, a syndet is basically a SYNthetic DETergent, ie a synthetic surfactant, aka something that acts like soap but is not soap.

The lipid replenishing cream is basically just that, a moisturising cream.


I was so impressed, I am counting down the days until I finish my current cleanser and moisturiser just so I can get my grubby hands on this duo.

Quantity, Price & Availability: ・

I can see both at Olive Young as well as Lalavla. This being a French pharmacy brand, this should be widely available internationally and online, too.

The cleanser regularly retails for ₩24,000 for 200ml and the cream comes in at ₩49,000 for 400ml. I have however spotted these currently available at Olive Young for ₩43,000 as a set and I might just pounce.

On Amazon, I can see this going for US$ 19.99 for the syndet and US$ 35.50 for the cream in the respective sizes (200ml for the syndet and 400ml for the cream).



Ummm, it doesn’t look too good, ingredients-wise, you guys. Here’s the ingredients list for the syndet. At least the ingredients list is nice and short.

  • water – yeah, no probs there
  • Uriage thermal spring water – umm, so just water, no?? Guess they had to be fancy seeing as their thermal spring water is their main selling point
  • magnesium laureth sulfate – a surfactant
  • CAPB – foam booster surfactant, thickener, controls viscosity >> environmental toxin?? >>
  • sodium chloride… so… SALT?? in a face wash? For viscosity control??
  • Polysorbate 20 – another emulsifier, ie to help mix water and oil soluble particles – makes sense I guess, seeing as this is a cleanser
  • Styrene/acrylates copolymer – film forming and opacifying…. so to give it that whitish colour?
  • PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate – emollient
  • DMDM Hydantoin – preservative – known allergen or skin toxicant >>
  • ciric acid – the same acid found in lemon juice, a pH adjuster – I am assuming that without this, the product would be much too basic?
  • Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid – chelator, ie binds ions and molecules to metal ions, but what in the weird do you need that for??
  • Rapeseed sterols – emollient
  • Raspberrry – ?? what?? so random…
  • decyl glucosiden glycerin – something glycerin related, so maybe a hydrator?
Source: cosDNA


And as for the cream, that one seems to contain less random ingredients. Since the list is a fair bit longer, I will not be iterating through it, here are just a few notes on the ingredients listed first:

  • water and Uriage thermal water – yes, it is their selling point to include thermal spring water, but it is just a little silly to include thermal water as an ingredient right next to regular water – it’s still water, innit?
  • paraffinum liquidum – so basically liquid paraffin, aka a byproduct of the oil industry, same thing that is used in vaseline
  • shea butter aka Butyrospermum Parkii Butter – come on people, just call a spade a spade…
  • Dicaprylyl ether – an emollient

… plus a whole bunch of other hydrators and emollients towards the end of this list.

Source: cosDNA


The deluxe sample packaging as well as the full size products that I have seen in store all have the same French pharmacy look about them. Simplistic, functional, though not quite minimalist; bright lettering. No cutesy or overly elegant lettering; the packaging seems to say ‘stuff that works’ rather than ‘this will improve your life as a whole’ but honestly, that’s how I prefer my product packaging.

・What the company says:・ 


This is a very gentle cleansing cream-gel specifically formulated for the daily cleansing of very dry or atopy-prone skin types. Its creamy foam gently cleanses the skin.


Uriage Thermal Water, naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements, has a soothing effect on the driest skin.


Its extra-gentle cleansing base eliminates impurities from the skin without harshness, thanks to its physiological pH.


Specific super fatting agents associated with the patented Cerasterol-2F complex protect from the drying effect of water while restoring skin comfort.


This nourishing, protective cream instantly soothes itching sensations that cause scratching due to dryness and brings long-lasting comfort. The melting, non-sticky texture allows getting dressed immediately after application. It instantly penetrates and reduces peaks of severe dryness, bringing long-lasting comfort.

Instantly soothes

This treatment brings an instant soothing action, with the patented* Chronoxine.

Brings long-lasting comfort

It has a triple barrier action for long-lasting relief: Cerasterol 2F restores and reinforces the skin barrier, the TLR2-Regul regulates the innate immune barrier and Uriage Thermal Water rebalances the microbial barrier.



The syndet is a whitish, not fully opaque gel cleanser that is slightly runny but thankfully, not overly so. It lathers to some extent, but if you are a fan of big, frothy bubbles and stiff foaming action, this might not be for you. Me, I don’t mind if a product foams or not.


The cream is light and spreads easily and for me, hits the Goldilock zone of being not too heavy, not too light. I really enjoyed the texture of the cream as it is very comforting on skin and feels like a hug in a bottle. It feels simultaneously rich and light going on as it envelops skin in a soothing sort of way, but is also easy to move around on your skin.


While the cream smelled of absolutely nothing, the syndet had a slightly chemical, almost plasticky scent to it. This did not bother me as the scent dissipated as soon as the syndet was washed off.


I used the syndet as a second cleanser and the cream as the second to last step in my AM and PM skincare regimen, meaning I would still top off with a sunscreen in the morning and rosehip oil at night.

  • Just a dollop as per the above picture was fine for the cleanser and a little went a reasonably long way. It felt so soothing going on, even over active breakouts, almost like a treatment cleanser. I lathered the syndet up using my hands and a bit of water, massaged it in for 20-30 seconds and then rinsed it off.
  • For the cream, I used 2-3 finger’s lengths of product for face and neck. Just like the cleanser, the cream felt incredibly soothing and my skin felt nourished and taken care of.

As mentioned, I was feeling unwell, so I cut out some toner and ampoule steps, meaning I only had one hydrating essence step instead of the usual 5-6 toners, lotions and serums. Everything else remained the same. So to be clear:


  • Xemose cleanser
  • hydrating toner
  • hydrating essence
  • Xemose moisturiser
  • sunscreen


  • oil cleanser
  • Xemose cleanser
  • hydrating toner
  • hydrating essence
  • Xemose moisturiser
  • rosehip oil


Now we’re getting to the best part of the review.

I can honestly say that my skin looked fantastic while using this. Do keep in mind that I was 30 in these photos (recently celebrated my 31st birthday), so I’m no spring chicken.

Let’s check out some photographic evidence. If you look at my posts, you will see that I will battle with acne scarring, active breakouts and blind pimples on a permanent basis. My skin is never, ever 100% clear. And then this as soon as I started using it – no lifestyle changes other than having pneumonia, skincare slightly pared down but otherwise the same:

This is after cleansing. I might also have applied toner prior to taking the photo – not 100% sure there. Generally, clean skin.

This is after moisturising. I cannot for the life of me remember whether I am wearing sunscreen in these photos or not. I think I am. Let’s disregard the skin tone for a bit and focus on the texture.

I don’t know whether you would consider this good skin or not. For me, this is AMAZING skin and I do not recall coming even close to beautiful skin like this before or since Uriage Xemose entered my life. This is my version of glass skin, a beauty ideal I have been coveting ever since I learnt that 유리 피부 (glass skin) was An Actual Thing.

No breakouts, fine lines are smoothed and look filled in. There’s a bit of glow and hey, no breakouts!

I have been trying to come up with reasons as to why this cream and cleanser have worked so well for me. The ingredients are not that sexy – no retinols or vitamin C or anything – the ingredients are about as sexy as Nivea creme, and I did not even use all of my usual hydrating products.

My theory is as follows. I have been following Cassandra Bankson, a fellow acne sufferer, on YouTube for a long time and I remember her hypothesising that acne skin is basically sensitised skin. I feel that perhaps, my skin needs super boring, bland ingredients and a simpler skincare routine than what I currently have. Maybe I should work on removing all actives and acids, and focus on hypoallergenic, bland, nourishing products instead. And this could be the reason why the two Xemose products worked so well for me.

・Final Thoughts:・  

It is hard to judge products based on luxury samples alone, and yet, this is what I have done here. I have fallen for both the cream and the cleanser, head over heels, based on the results they gave me.

I do have my doubts though. Should I really get the full size items? Have you used Xemose?

If you have acne, have you found that using products for sensitive skin / hypoallergenic products / fragrance free products have made much of a difference? Please let me know in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “First impressions: Uriage Xemose Cleanser & Cream | If your skin likes to Freak Out, do consider this Bland Duo. I know I will.

  1. Your skin looks great here!

    I have the Uriage Xemose Cream! I got it back in 2018, don’t remember exactly when but it was around the time my skin was relentlessly dry and so itchy. I decided to replace my skincare products with only hypoallergenic ones and this was one of the products I picked up from Olive Young. I got it because it supposedly soothes itchiness. I liked it at first because it did seem to alleviate the dryness and itching I experienced on my face. But it left an oily film on my skin that I didn’t care for. After I got back into K-beauty, I stopped using this and now mostly use it on my body only. I still have probably half left. My skin doesn’t seem to like European brands much…sadly.

    If you have doubts about the full size, why don’t you use the travel size ones one more time before committing to the full size?

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