Review: Demeter – Laundromat (Fresh Edition) | The nozzle broke, and with it, my heart. 💔

Today’s fragrance review is one of Demeter’s single note scents, Laundromat, which I finished far too quickly, much to my dismay. More on that in a bit.

It is an Eau de Toilette, meaning it contains 5-15% of aromatic compounds. It is meant to be stronger than an Eau de Cologne (2-6%) but weaker than an Eau de Parfum (10-20%). However, don’t let the impression of this being a lighter scent fool you: This is a strong scent that lasts throughout the day, much stronger than many Eau de Parfums that I have tried. But again, I am getting ahead of myself.

Fun fact: All my life, I have used laundromat and launderette interchangeably. Apparently, laundromat is the more commonly accepted form in the US, and is associated with coin operated washers and driers, whereas launderettes do not necessarily seem to involve having to pay for laundry services but they are for public use? Hum. Anyways.

I have reviewed another Demeter fragrance before: Chocolate Stick over here, and I have some 3-4 more in my bathroom cabinet. I find them to be really terrifically affordable, long lasting scents that are a little different from conventional fragrances that saturate the market, and I love seeking out unusual scents, such as Lush’s earthy, floral, Parma Violet-y Kerbside Violet here and the gourmand Vanillary by the same brand over here. Onto Laundromat, then.


I loved this unconventional, clean scent. So fresh!

・Price & Availability: ・

I got my bottle at Lalavla for around ₩24,000, though they regularly retail for ₩29,000.

・Size/Quantity: ・

The bottle itself holds a decent 50 ml, which is above standard, as most regular women’s fragrances appear to come in 20-30 ml bottles as far as I can see.


Both the carton that the perfume came in as well as the bottle look clean and functional. No crazy branding, just a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin type of look. I have noticed however that the bottles here in Korea look quite different from what the US website seems to have in stock, see below. If you know why this should be so, let me know in the comments.

・What the company says:・ 

This is simply the freshest, cleanest scent imaginable. We don’t know if anyone can tell us why, but this may be the most comforting, comfortable scent in the Library. And if you can tell us, please drop us a note. J.F. Cantrell, having noticed that personal washing machines are a luxury many of his neighbors cannot afford, opens the first Laundromat, in Fort Worth, Texas. Soon thereafter, household appliances will get a facelift as the popularity of streamline design grips America. At Demeter, we celebrate April 18th as the inspiration for the freshest, cleanest scent we know, our version of Laundromat cologne.


Let’s get into the ‘meat’ of today’s review.

This is a very clean, fresh and lightly citrusy scent. It definitely has notes of laundry powder and of clean soap, and immediately conjured up images of coin operated laundries. It smelled of Australian laundries the most for me. I also got whiffs of lemon and lime soap, perhaps even a bit of dairy. When you first spray it on, it smells a little industrial, a wee bit bitter and astringent, and is more reminiscent of a detergent, but as it settles and dries down, it gets more powdery-soapy-clean.

It also, weirdly specifically, brought up a random memory from my childhood. I spent many years in Germany as a kid, and we would often take the train on domestic trips. On the train, there were soap dispensers in the toilets that would dispense not liquid soap but instead powdered soap that would not quite lather up when it came in contact with water. This perfume smells EXACTLY like that powdered soap of 90s German train bathrooms, in a very good way.

I would recommend spraying this on your clothes as opposed to your skin, or else it might be too strong. This scent, once on, never leaves you during the day. It does not falter and it does not fade as the day wears on. I feel that if you were to use it on bare skin, it might be too sickly or too cloying.

Now here’s the sad news. Around the 5th or 6th use, the nozzle broke. I still have no idea how I did it, all I know is that I depressed the spray nozzle and something flipped, and then the pump mechanism stopped working altogether. I could not remove it (I tried because I wanted to decant it), but if I turned the bottle upside down, I was able to sprinkle a few drops of this on my clothes, and that is precisely how I ended up using it.

This has not happened with the Chocolate Stick one that I owned in the past, nor with the other two that I currently own (Sweet Baby and Baby Powder). I am going to go ahead and put the blame on myself. I must have pressed the nozzle too hard, or perhaps I came in at a wrong angle.

・Final Thoughts:・  

I am considering repurchasing, as it kept me smelling fresh and clean all day long – much appreciated especially once those hot and humid Korean summers roll around. I can only recommend this perfume.

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