Review: Vess – Shampoo Brush Beth KNS-600 | A Lovely Treat for all you ASMR/Scalp Massage Enthusiasts out There

You may remember how a few months back, I was waxing lyrical about this silicone face brush, which, when used once or twice a week together with a pH neutral foam cleanser, really helped me refine skin texture, make pores appear less visible and keeps the appearance of blackheads to a minimum.

Well, you may not be surprised to hear that on the same day, incidentally, I also bought this silicone hair cleansing brush. Clearly, I’m into silicone tools. The reason why is that I find silicone easy to clean and sanitise, while at the same time being soft and pliable enough for my sensitive skin.
Now you may be thinking, Why on earth would I need a silicone hair brush?

And indeed, this brush may not be for you if you do NOT enjoy:

  • a good, thorough scalp massage to stimulate all your nerve endings and hair roots
  • detangling your strands without ripping out half a head of hair
  • a deep cleanse to remove product build up

But let’s get into all that in a bit. Here are a few stats for the time being:

・What it is: ・

It’s a shampoo brush.


I actually really quite like it.

・Price & Availability: ・

I got mine for around ₩8,000 from Olive Young.

・Size/Quantity: ・

You get just the one shampoo brush, plus a little sample of how the bristles feel against your skin. I did not have any use for the itty bitty sample bit, so I Marie Kondo’d it right out of my life.

The size fits very snugly into the palm of your hand. It might be a bit small for a big burly man hand, see below for reference as to how it fits into my adult woman hand (I have rather long, thin fingers).


The packaging seems reminiscent of that of many other Japanese companies. Lots of writing, discreet colour palette.

・What the company says:・ 

If you speak Japanese, knock yourself out over here (not an affiliated link, just something I copy pasted off the Internet).

Here’s what the Korean ad copy says:

Smooth, tangle free hair!

Long and soft bristles that are good for shampooing and scalp massage.

Hexagonal pattern of the bristles makes it hard for hair to get matted.

Has a convenient grip that comfortably fits into your hand.

Whether horizontal or vertical, you can use the brush either side facing up.

Structured design that makes it easy for water to drain away.

2-step hair root cleansing:

(1.) Before you shampoo, gently brushing your hair with this brush will detangle your hair

(2.) Distribute your shampoo evenly throughout your hair after wetting it thoroughly.

(3.) Start brushing your hair in one direction, lightly, to loosen and remove buildup from around your roots.

(4.) Rinse your hair until the lather has disappeared.


I can confirm that the bristles are indeed soft and flexible but with enough grip to stay upright. They give you a gentle, yet thorough massage. Unless you are intending to hurt yourself in the process, I can indeed not see how you would not be able to give yourself a scalp massage. If you like it gentle, go gentle. If you have an itch that needs scratching, this works well do, you may just have to press down a little harder.


I have tried deviating from the instructions and let me tell you, the instructions are on point. Some words of caution:

  • If you use the brush without shampoo, you don’t get enough slip to move the brush along lightly, in my opinion.
  • If you try to brush in circles rather than going with the grain, you will end up with tangled, matted hair.
  • I cannot tell you how well this works on long hair, because mine is quite short (see previous post).

So this is how I use my shampoo brush.

  1. I wet my hair.
  2. Depending on what I feel like that day, I may start with conditioner or shampoo. However, I only use the brush when I shampoo.
  3. I brush my hair with the grain, meaning I go from the forehead to the crown of my head in light, gentle strokes.
  4. I then continue from my ears and temples to the crown of my head.
  5. Lastly, I run the brush from the nape of my neck to the crown of my head.
  6. Rinse, or then use conditioner, or a raspberry hair vinegar that this blogger got me addicted to – review upcoming.
  7. Hang the shampoo brush out to dry, which as described in their ad copy, is quite easy to do because of the strategically placed holes for drainage.


I really enjoy using this brush, as I personally am a big fan of scalp massages. If I was rich, I’d get one every single day!

I also feel as though this brush helps me cleanse my scalp more deeply. I once tried a DIY sugar scalp scrub and let me tell you, that one was messy and ultimately, dissatisfying. With this shampoo brush, you get to give your scalp some (slightly) tough(er) love without the drippiness and mess of a scrub. Do note though that I don’t really smear a whole host of product in my hair, I usually go for a thermal spray when blow drying and that’s it, so there’s not really much in the way of buildup to remove.

If you are an ASMR person, I would also imagine that you may enjoy this brush even more than I did.

I am unsure as to whether it really helps with scalp health and hair growth, but as far as I am concerned, encouraging blood circulation cannot hurt much, unless you have some medical issue or perhaps broken skin on your scalp – which I don’t.

I also cannot tell you how well this does at detangling, as there is not enough hair to really tangle, unless I want it to tangle. You be the judge, but I feel as though the bristles are spaced far apart enough so as work well as an easy, painless way to work on hair tangles. I am pretty sure I would have loved using this back when I still had long hair – I used to rip out so much of my hair on the daily just because of the hair tools available to me at the time.

・Final Thoughts:・  

This brush works well on me and is fit for purpose. Life will go on if you don’t have it though, and I am almost certain there are dupes or alternatives out there. However, I think it is a great product, and will continue using it daily. To put it briefly: If it were to break, I would seek to replace it.

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