My Favourite Beauty/Life Hacks

Sometimes, it is not about what Products you use, or how much money you spend on them, it’s how you use Them

Why this Post?

This post was inspired by a real life conversation I had with my bestie the other day, who is now 30 but who is regularly mistaken for a woman in her 40s. True story, and it hurts, because I love her dearly. Said friend buys expensive skincare but may benefit from some basic knowledge of how to build a simple yet effective skincare routine, and I wish I could help her build one… alas, I have a feeling I would upset her and come across as patronising, so I’d rather not unless she asks me.

Anyways, said friend told me how she likes to rub her face into her bath towel for a nice little exfoliation treatment following a hot bath or a long shower, and I shuddered a little but tried to make light of it. I then decided I’d make a post about this topic, and let people decide on whether they were going to read it or not. I’d really rather not shove my opinions down others’ throats.

This reminds me – apparently, some people shampoo their hair, then take the lather from their hair, bring it forwards, then use it as a face wash, according to Goth YouTuber Angela Benedict. Brrrrr. If this is you, I implore you. Please stop and get a nice pH neutral face wash, preferably one without sodium laureth sulfate.

Generally speaking, I am a big proponent of the fact that sometimes, it does not depend on what products you use but more on how and in what order you use them. If you like beauty tools, do check out my previous reviews on this shampoo brush and this face brush, both of which I love and which help me put my best foot forward.

These are my top tips regarding mechanics / physical attributes in my beauty routines – perhaps you already do some of these or may find them helpful:


  • I will often use conditioner first, then shampoo second, for hair that’s soft and conditioned without being weighed down.
  • As I blow dry my hair – a must for me at night, or else I am 100% to guaranteed to wake up with cowlicks and other related major hair disasters in the morning – I tend to comb my hair with my fingers while I blow, for loosely defined hair that looks a lot more effortless than it really was, as opposed to a comb or brush. It always has to go with the grain, not against the grain, for me, or else I’ll look like a crazed chia pet come morning.
  • I like to use this shampoo brush for a bit of scalp massage and scalp deep cleansing at the same time.


  • If you think you have no time for a skincare routine, perhaps consider the following – should take 5 mins or less: AM (face wash – toner – moisturiser – sunscreen) | PM (cleansing oil – face wash – toner – moisturiser).
  • I will never, ever touch my face with any kind of towel. If I really want to dry it, I will use a paper towel. This is crucial for me as my skin is acne prone and teeming with bacteria – I’d rather not spread them around.
  • I will never, ever touch physical exfoliants – only chemical ones and cellulose based peeling gels; if I really want more of a physical exfoliant, I may go in with acid soaked pads with textured sides instead.
  • I will spend exorbitant amounts of time massaging in my cleansing oils and cleansing balms to give myself facial massages and encourage lymph drainage.
  • I will gladly slap myself in the face and pat like a madwoman when it comes to toners and runny essences to encourage circulation and for better absorption.
  • I will once again massage, tap and pat my moisturisers and face oils to keep my skin in tip top condition and really get all my layers to absorb properly.
  • If a mask does not quite work for me, I will do something to make it work. If a clay mask is too drying – add some basic moisturiser on cleansed skin, then add that clay mask. If a mask isn’t hydrating enough – I find that to be the case of 100% of all sleeping masks that I have tried – add some winter moisturiser over the rest of your watery layers, then add the sleeping mask.
  • Use a satin eye mask for when you go to bed, to prevent crow’s feet from forming. Any old satin thing will do as long as it is silky-soft. If you’re rich, go for satin/silk bed sheets, mattress covers, pillow covers, the works – that’s what I would do if I were rolling in it, for better skin and hair. Personally, I love the feel of satin on my skin.
  • I try not to touch my face, nor do I frown much; plus, I wear sunnies and use parasols as soon as the sun starts coming out. All in an effort to keep skin looking better for longer.
  • I will use hyaluronic acid serums such as my HG Gokujyun Premium Hyaluronic Acid lotion sandwiched in between layers of facial mist, so that the hyaluronic acid has water molecules to bind to. I got this idea from my favourite blogger, Paris B, back when she wrote about her moisture sandwich method. I cannot always be arsed to apply a facial mist after every single skincare step, but I 100% make sure every day to sandwich at least that hyaluronic acid.


  • I have never been able to get into brushes except when it comes to powder eye shadow maybe or powder blushes – everything from primers to base make up, highlighters, cream blushes, cream shadows to brows goes on either with my fingers or with a foundation sponge (round & rubbery) or a sponge applicator. Brushes create harsh lines and brush marks on me, I don’t know what it is – lack of hand-eye coordination, I surmise, even with high-end brushes.
  • To prevent mascara and liner smudging, I will place eyeshadow or translucent powder along my lashline (like eye shadow sandbags protecting against mascara floods).
  • As I prime my eyelids, I will prime my lashes with the leftover product on my finger tips and then curl them. I will then powder my lower lash line, add leftover powder on the primed and curled lashes, and add a first coat of volumising mascara. I will then add a second coat of lengthening mascara. Boom – long, curled, volumised, clump free, smudge free lashes that last all blooming day long.
  • I cannot for the life of me master a smokey eye. I feel it always ends up like scary clown, or perhaps sugar skull, makeup. What I like for a subtle smoke, though, is to take a small brush, dip it into a dark eye shadow, and then dab the dark shadow on my upper water line, so behind your lashes (look up to get into the upper lash line!). Your lashes will look thicker, your eyes more defined, and as the day wears on, the dark shadow will migrate onto the lower lash line, meaning you end up with slightly smokey eyes, effortlessly.
  • Damp beauty sponges, moistened with a spritz of facial mist – even crappy ones, outperform good quality dry sponges any day when it comes to perfecting your base makeup.
  • For a quick look that appears as though you tried, just use some cream eye shadow, and chuck on some mascara. Takes all but 30 seconds.

Hope you enjoyed!

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