Beauty Treatments in Times of Corona

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With what the ‘rona and all, many of us have had to forego beauty treatments at the salon (#firstworldproblems) and from what I gather, this has been a major inconvenience to lots of people. At the same time, I have a feeling that it has given many a new perspective on life and has led to people trying their own hand at beautifying themselves.

What I want to know from you is this – has your life changed if at all? How have you adapted your treatments and/or beauty routines?

Do you find yourself in a position where you have less disposable income and are therefore forced to MacGyver or DIY certain treatments? Please leave some of your thoughts in the comments – curious minds want to know! 👽

For me personally, I have felt no impact on my beauty routine whatsoever. Here’s what other people do, and here’s what I have been doing all along, even before things were, um, changing.

Read on for some tips – perhaps they can save you some money, and/or time.

NB. The below is in no way, shape or form meant to invalidate the beauty industry. It’s just what I do and have been doing for years myself. If you like to visit the salon, that’s great! You’re helping the economy and allow someone to do a job that they (hopefully) enjoy doing. Plus, I am the last one to deny that professionally done treatments tend to yield better results than at-home procedures.

beauty treatmentwhat i do
Manicures & pedicuresI can totally file my own feetsies, shape, buff, polish and paint my own nails, thank you very much. If I am feeling fancy, I may even try my own hand at at-home nail art for dummies.
Facials While I have been to the dermatologist before – read on here if you want to learn more about my own experience at a Korean doctor’s office – I am happy to do my own facials at home. Chemical peels, cellulose based peels, wash off masks, sheet masks – happy to do all these at home.
Waxing I like to wax my own legs, my favourite being Nair’s microwaveable Candy Apple sugar wax which you apply warm and remove using cloth strips. Review coming up sometime in the future as I have repurchased already. For everything else, including the bikini area I like to get that razor out and shave away.
Hair CutsMy multitalented, loving, gorgeous spouse – who is not a hairdresser – started cutting my hair himself a few years after we realised that Korean hairdressers were having a hard time cutting my fine, wavy, abundant white people hair. He taught himself and, through trial and error, has perfected my pixie cuts. He is now my go-to hairdresser.
DermaplaningYou get one of those Asian face razors, cleanse your face, pat dry, and then shave your face for a peach fuzz free face, if that is something you desire. I only do it every few months when I suddenly want to see my face smooth, but am also ok with being my fuzzy self the rest of the time.
Hair MasksA pixie cut, by necessity, needs to be trimmed every 4-8 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. No need to hair mask for me as dead ends get snipped of regularly. I have a conditioner and a leave in heat protectant. Plenty of hair treatment for me.
BUT if you are on the lookout for a great hair treatment – I recently tried a sample of Shiseido Tsubaki’s Premium Repair Hair Mask, which was so good, I am actually considering getting the full size.
Hair Colour, Perms, Keratin Treatments etcThose grey hairs are bound to show up any day now. So excited – I love grey and white hair, including salt and pepper hair. Should I find that for whatever reason, I don’t like my own greys, I am planning on shaving my hair off and going out with a buzzcut or perhaps throw on a wig if I want to play up my femininity.
Perms – big no-no. Hate permed hair on myself.
Keratin or straightening treatments – nah. I’ll be embracing my own hair texture for now.
Eyelash extensionsToo much fuss. Cannot be bothered. I feel ok about my natural lashes and I actually don’t like the look of eyelash extensions – too regular, too artificial looking.
Eyebrow shaping I brush my own brows into shape and set them with eyebrow gel. If I want to have them look more defined, I’ll use some eyebrow pencil.

Cheers for now! Stay well, keep well.

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5 thoughts on “Beauty Treatments in Times of Corona

  1. I’ve been to a salon maybe twice in my life. I just prefer doing everything at home 🙂 The ‘rona kept us indoors for a few weeks (Colorado, US) but now they have relaxed the rules. We can pretty much go anywhere as long as we wear a mask. How is it where you are now?

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    1. Not sure about beauty treatments – I think any kind of beauty or hair salon is allowed to operate – but currently all buffets, karaoke bars, gyms are closed for a week because we’ve had a new church related outbreak which caused the numbers of new infections to go into the triple digits. My school can only do online classes. Cafes can do takeaway only and restaurants can only do full service until 2100, after that it’s takeaway (which basically kills the restaurant industry – no one goes out or gets off work before 2100).

      If the numbers go down, businesses will be allowed to operate as usual again.

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      1. Oh wow. The local church here did a “drive in” service, but I’m not sure if they’re doing that still. I stay at home a lot. I hope things get better soon. Stay safe 🙂

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