Recent Sheet Mask Empties feat Banobagi, CNP, Mediheal, SNP, Silcot, Challans de Paris

aka Sheet Masks that I felt extremely meh about

At this point, I have so many products to talk about that I honestly… don’t feel very strongly about.

Case in point: Sheet masks. I love trying new ones all the time however am very picky when it comes to repurchasing them, as I feel that most of them don’t really do much outside of cooling skin down – which in itself can be therapeutic – or upping hydration levels slightly, which can be achieved with a lot less fuss and in a lot more cost effective manner than by slapping on sheet masks. Plus, sheet masks just create so much waste, so for me to be able to justify spending money on them and ruining the environment in the process, they better be bloody good.

Here are a bunch that I thought were ok but that I will not be repurchasing as they failed to impress me. Do bear in mind that most sheet masks do not impress me much, they are not bad products – I just will not be getting them again any time soon.

Banobagi – White Jade Injection

Honestly, I was expecting a little more from this sheet mask in light of the fact that their Baby Face mask (pink pack, reviewed here) gave me pretty good results in the brightening department. This one here on the other hand… hardly any results outside of a bit of hydration. Combined with the rather abysmal fit, this is not a sheet mask I’ll be getting any time soon.

CNP Vita Solution Ampoule Mask

You have got to give CNP credit for being a little innovative here and including an extra step that you are supposed to include prior to slapping on the sheet mask. This helps prepare your skin for the sheet mask to follow and as you may have noticed, your skin absorbs product better when it is lightly damp. So you dampen your skin with the ampoule in step 1, then add the mask in step 2.

Unfortunately, the mask did pretty much nothing.

CNP Quick Soothing SOS Mask

Same as above. Trust me when I say that the masking experience was entirely forgettable.

Mediheal – Airpacking Pink Wrap

Banobagi – Water Glow Injection Mask

Yep, just some hydration. I will have to say however that I felt that this mask had a slightly better fit on my face compared to the Baby Face and White Injection masks, so that’s something.

SNP – Green Tension Calming Lifting Mask

Actually, the hydration I got from this mask was decent, but I will have to say that I blooming hated the loops that you were supposed to pull over your ears for that V shape effect. I thought it would feel firming when in actual fact, it felt claustrophobic more than anything. So uncomfortable and off putting! My experience might be subjective – your mileage may vary.

Mediheal – PDF AC Defence Mask

Ugh, the gel material that this mask was made from was so heavy and slimy and uncomfortable to wear. Usually when I have a sheet mask on, I like to stay sedentary however I still expect the mask to somewhat stay on my face so I can work on my computer, meditate, or watch some movie while I unwind. This was nigh impossible with with this mask – it started sliding as soon as I put it on. I also hated the fact that it left my pimples on show. Usually with a sheet mask, the material tends to somewhat blur your skin imperfections and you can escape the reality that is adult acne. This was not the case with this one – no escapism!

Silcot Water Solution Mask Pack

Wow, I love Silcot cotton pads so much. Fellow blogger Simply Saima turned me on to those (review coming up… one day haha!) so I was super excited to try a sheet mask under the same brand/product umbrella. I am super disappointed to report that the mask did not much of anything.

I do urge you however to check out the Silcot cotton pads, which I have repurchased over and over since last year. I never thought I could feel passionately about cotton pads, but there you go!

Challans de Paris – Masque de Albarosa

Yes, I admit it. I got suckered into this one because of the gorgeous packaging. Challans de Paris has more masks than this one, but only the one that’s aimed at pimple skin did it for me. This one is supposed to treat dark spots and pigmentation, and I saw no such effects.

Challans de Paris – Masque de Aurora

Same as the Masque Albarosa. Pretty packaging, but not much going on in terms of effectiveness for me personally. Supposedly meant to recover damaged skin.

Challans de Paris – Masque de Stella

Final Thoughts

So while today was not a very uplifting post, I will be updating the blog with a few sheet masks soon that I think are absolutely fab and that I HAVE repurchased over and over already. As usual, I hope you cross reference, do your own research and consult sources other than this blog, and that you take my opinions with a grain of salt. Not everyone has skin that’s as rubbish as mine, and not everyone has crazy high standards.

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8 thoughts on “Recent Sheet Mask Empties feat Banobagi, CNP, Mediheal, SNP, Silcot, Challans de Paris

    1. It IS tricky! Generally, I judge sheet masks on how feel while I have them on, how brightening they are when I take them off, and how my skin looks come morning.

      I’ve tried going without (environmental concerns) but unfortunately my skin really loves the boost in extra hydration several times a week.

      What’s the Tula one like? Never heard of the brand, where’s it from?


  1. Oh wow I had no idea Silcot do sheet masks haha I think I’d prefer to drench a few of our beloved cotton pads with an effective essence or something and pretty much DIY a sheet mask XD Looking forward to reading about your fav sheet masks one day 😀

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