Haircare Empties feat Biosilk, Life 40, Yves Rocher, Tsubaki, Colab

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Back when I had long hair, I never used to care much about what my hair looked like, how I could style it, what/if I could do to make my hair look happier and healthier, etc. I either had it down in a side part, or I had it in a pony tail… THAT’S IT.

But ever since I sprung for that radical pixie cut following a hodgepodge of colours on my head (preceded by my agreeing to being a hair model… yeah, I looked a mess, all my hair had to go), I have become very aware of the quality and cut of my hair, and have been super into styling and treating it a number of ways. The irony!

Today’s little cluster review is about a few random hair products. Hope it helps you make better, more informed decisions!

Biosilk Silk Therapy – Thermal Protection Hair Mist

I got this heat protectant spray back when I was dealing with the fact that my favourite heat protectant by Toni and Guy was no longer available in Korea. It was actually somewhat difficult to find a heat protectant spray of any sort here in Korea.

Serums, oils, leave in conditioners galore, but no product to protect from heat styling. Not sure why that would be? I guess most people have naturally straight hair – no need to get straighteners – and if they want curls, they get a perm rather than use heat tools – hence little demand for chemists to stock such products.

Side note. I had no idea who Biosilk actually was… apparently they’re an American company founded by a Palestinian immigrant family, based in and operating out of Houston, Texas. The more you know!

Ok, so back to the actual product haha! It was… awful.

It smells like men’s deodorant, but not the nice kind. The kind that 13 year prepubescent kiddies like. You know the kind? Anyways, not something that I like to smell like. You would not guess it from the way I look but I actually am very girly when it comes to personality, scents, makeup and skincare. Let me be feminine!

It also felt sticky and seemed to weigh my hair down. Would have been ok for longer hair I guess but on my fine, short hair, this was not a good look. Hair ended up looking stringy and clumpy despite the fact that it was freshly washed. Yeeks.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Life 40 – Mint Milk Quick & Dry Shampoo

This appears to be a Korean brand but I cannot seem to find any information on it!

I remember getting this as familiar brands such as Batiste and Colab are priced rather expensively. Milk and mint sounded like a lovely scent to have.

While this did smell nice, it did nothing in the oil absorption department and the scent did not last, either.

My hair does not get super oily as I wash it every day, however it can get a bit stringy if I sweat, especially during those hot and humid summers. This dry shampoo felt as though it did not stay on, consequently failing to keep my hair feeling fresh. I promptly went back to Batiste and Cololab after I finished this. I also felt that I went through this far too quickly owing to the fact that my usual amount did nothing, and large amounts still did very little. Better to get the brand name and have something you like and rely on in the case of dry shampoos for me.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Yves Rocher – Rinsing Vinegar (Raspberry – Brilliance Shine)

I got this after seeing Angela of A Fine Mess rave about this… and she was right. This is a beautifully scented hair vinegar. Here’s how I used it: Shampoo > conditioner > hair vinegar. For some reason, Olive Young no longer stocks this large bottle, but now has little bottles of I think 120 ml – but for the same price as the big bottle. I’m upset!

Unfortunately, I will keep repurchasing these hair vinegars as they make your hair smell beautiful, cut down drying time in half, make your hair super smooth and sleek so and ant could slide off it, and remove build up on your scalp. I have already repurchased at least twice, I am currently using their Moringa Fresh version and cannot wait to try more scents of theirs.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Tsubaki – Extra Moist Shampoo and Conditioner

In the past, I had used a very drying shampoo (TS) in conjunction with Tsubaki’s conditioner. The conditioner ended up saving my dried out TS shampooed hair, so I figured I’d try their Extra Moist shampoo and conditioner in combination. I’d already tried their Moist version but had not loved it and so was curious about their flagship line – Extra Moist (no, the name does not bother me – get your mind out of the gutter 😉).

Let me say this. These are excellent, excellent products. They smell great. Your hair will be left shiny and swishy and soft and salon worthy. However, for thin, fine, short hair, these products are too rich and they will weigh down your hair. If however you have long hair that needs some TLC, yet you’d rather just wash and go, these products will be a dream come true for you. They are nourishing, smell lovely, and are just all round gorgeously formulated.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Colab Dry Shampoo – Candy Fragrance

I’ve really been loving Colab dry shampoos as of late. Pricey – at least for a drugstore product – but the scents are gorgeous and your hair stays fresh all day.

The packaging is super cute and it mentions that this was done in collaboration with social media people as well as formulators. I guess every person on social media gets their own product line nowadays?!

I cannot recommend the fragrance enough. It is girly and delicious and smells exactly like a bag of sweets. My husband actually thought I’d opened some – I have a massive sweet tooth – when really, it was the dry shampoo! I am currently trying another smell but am most excited about trying their unicorn scent in the future. Colab beats Batiste in my opinion when it comes to how good it makes your hair smell and for how long your hair feels clean and fresh after.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Closing Thoughts

I’ll definitely be restocking on Yves Rocher and Colab. Any other brands I should check out? I’d also like to support local Korean brands more if I could.

Plus, any shampoo/conditioner combos for fine hair / pixie cuts that I should check out? Am using Yves Rocher right now but am open to other suggestions. 😁

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10 thoughts on “Haircare Empties feat Biosilk, Life 40, Yves Rocher, Tsubaki, Colab

  1. Hi have you tried any products from the shiseido hair care line. I was bald during lockdown and now I’m trying to grow out my hair.


    1. What do you mean, bald? Did you suffer from some sort of illness – sorry if that’s a rude question – or was it by choice?

      I have not tried anything branded as Shiseido BUT Tsubaki is a brand under the Shiseido umbrella so if Tsubaki is available locally where you live, maybe give them a try?


      1. 😂 it was intentional. Unfortunately it’s not a local brand and costs a lot to ship over. So I make sure to research thoroughly before buying, never knew tsubaki was under shiseido


      2. That’s fair enough.
        If you have coarse short hair now that you’re growing it out, you may really like Extra Moist. The shampoo is lovely. The conditioner might a bit rich for fine hair, though.

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