Review: Dr Jart+ Cicapair Line (Serum, Mist, Mask, Sunscreen)

Dr Jart+ is a brand that I have talked about over and over on the blog. What can I say – a lot of the time, they’re really good, efficacious products! To this day, I use weekly and repurchase their Brightening Sheet Mask (orange packaging – if you need brighter skin, that one is unbeatable) as well as their Rejuvenating BB cream, which gives you glowy, lit-from-within-baby-angel skin.

Many other times however, I will have to say that I find Dr Jart rather overpriced and that the products end up not really working all that well for me – and their Cicapair line, I am sad to say, did nothing for me. Also, generally speaking, I am confused as to why Dr Jart chooses to include fragrance (and not a little!) in each of these. They are specifically targeted at soothing irritated, sensitive skin, yet when you open their products, you’re hit with a potpourri of lavender, rosemary, and citrus oils. While it makes the products smell nice, I fail to see how these would not potentially irritate or sensitise skin. But let’s jump in.

Cicapair Serum

I did review this serum over here, but just to reiterate. This was a hydrating serum that went on smoothly. But did it actually do anything that any old moisturiser cannot? No. I saw no soothing action, Fine lines, acne, scars all looked unchanged. I had 1 full size and 2 travel size bottles to go through, so I really had lots of time to test these bad boys, and I saw absolutely no improvement to speak of outside of a little hydration.

Cicapair Calming Mask

Out of all the products from their range, I must say that I possibly enjoyed the mask the most. I keep my masks in the fridge for some inflammatory cooling action, and this mask stayed cool and hydrating long after it had been out of the fridge. The mask material was a little thin for my liking and also was a bit big on my face but the massive breakout that I had on my cheek was noticeably reduced the day after and for that, I will have to give the mask credit. The mask stayed on well and stayed wet for a good 30-40 minutes, which I appreciate in a sheet mask. For me, if a mask dries out too quickly, I feel as though I am not getting my money’s worth.

Cicapair Mist

I enjoy misting my face 1-2 times per day – nobody getting any younger over here – and now that I am well into my thirties, I can see what a difference misting makes, especially with those bloody masks these days. This mist did not impress me much, though. It was refreshing owing to the mechanical nature of spraying a liquid on your face, it did not break me out – it just did not do much of anything either, almost like a plain old mineral water spray. I will have to give credit to the spray nozzle, which distributed a fine mist evenly. A lot of mist companies get the nozzle wrong, so credit where credit’s due.

Cicapair Calming Sun Protector

This was just not for me. The sunscreen leaves a slight green tint on the skin, which I imagine is meant to counteract redness on the face. My camera did not pick up on it but it made me look noticeable ashy in person and when I removed the sunscreen with a cleansing water and then a first step cleanser at night, the cotton pad came away green.

It was drying, gummy and felt a little too heavy on my skin, and I found it hard to use up. I can see this working well for people with extremely red, extremely oily skin who want a sunscreen that also acts as a colour correcting, mattifying primer, however it was not something I look for in a sunscreen personally.

Final Thoughts

I don’t hate the line per se, I just think that it did not meet my (admittedly high) expectations. The products aren’t bad, just expensive for what they are, and in my personal opinion, not earth shatteringly effective. But to end on a positive note, I am linking to the Dr Jart+ products mentioned before that I can actually recommend wholeheartedly:

Review: Dr Jart+ Dermakeup Rejuvenating Beauty Balm in 001 Light (Silver Label)

Honest Review: Dr.Jart+ Dermask Brightening Solution (sheet mask) – The Skin Saviour that I always Come Back To

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5 thoughts on “Review: Dr Jart+ Cicapair Line (Serum, Mist, Mask, Sunscreen)

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I haven’t tried any cica products so far. I’ve noticed many brands are introducing cica lines in their product range, but I haven’t come round to introducing them to my skincare routine as yet. I take from your review that this one from Dr. Jart + is not really that outstanding. By the way, I finally ordered the Dr. Jart + Rejuvenating BB Cream. It’s not easy to find Dr. Jart + products where I live, but I managed to get it from Amazon. Can’t wait to try it out!

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    1. I don’t know what it is, my skin just doesn’t take to cica anything. It could just be me. Everyone else seems to be loving it?! Me, I get the most benefit out of niacinamide and hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, really.

      Oh wowee on the Dr Jart BB cream! Did you get it in medium then? It’s such a great product but the shade being limited to only 2 is such a shame.

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      1. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C also work for me. I use glycolic toner in the mornings and retinol in the evenings and my skin is just fine. For the time being, I don´t need to add any other ingredients to my skincare routine.

        Regarding the Dr Jart + BB cream, it didn´t give me the option to chose the shade, but I´m sort of in between fair and medium skintone, so whichever I get should be fine. Haven´t received it yet, so we´ll see!

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with these products! I have been hesitant to try anything from Dr. Jart+ simply because their line has some mixed reviews. But, I did recently pick up their Cicapair Tiger Grass Enzyme Foam Cleanser and I’m hoping things go well. Since you reside in South Korea…I’d love to see a post about any new/upcoming K-Beauty brands that you have spotted. I feel like a lot of the K-Beauty YouTube/Bloggers that I follow have been lacking in introducing new/indie brands to be on the lookout for. I have done my own research and am following One Thing, Slosohpy, and others that have little visibility in the US…but I’m sure there are others. Any help/insight you have would be awesome to hear about! Thanks again for the awesome review!

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    1. Aw thank you! I’ll keep posting and maybe there’ll be a brand that’s considered indie somewhere amongst those?? Not sure what’s indie or lesser known in the US? A smaller brand that’s impressed me as of late is Some by Mi.


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