Treatment Toners aka Fancy Water Empties (Dr Jart+, Isntree, Son and Park, Some by Mi, Normal No More, Avene)

I go through toners like water (which is what they’re made of, mostly – punny – are you rolling your eyes yet??), hence the extensive collection of toner empties for this post. Generally speaking, I don’t expect too much from toners but if they’re hydrating or acne preventing, then that makes them definitely worth considering a repurchase in my books.

Unscented, alcohol free toners are my personal preference. I know not all fragrances are bad, and denatured alcohol is not the devil IF the formulation is right; I just try to avoid them if I can.

TL;DR: My favourite – now skincare staple – is the Some by Mi toner below, and the only one out of this collection that I would consider repurchasing (and have, indeed, repurchased multiple times).

Avene Hydrance Lotion

I thought that this was a really well-formulated product. It felt very soothing and hydrating, and left an almost… powdery-clean feel to it once this watery toner absorbed. And yet I found the fragrance overbearing and overpowering. It was a very floral, very sweet scent and reminded me of the scented period panty liners I once bought my mistake as a young teenager – those liners had the same sickly sweet smell. Not a fan.

Normal No More – Blue Therapy Anti Redness Toner

This toner was lightly hydrating – and that was it. Entirely forgettable. It did not break me out but it didn’t soften skin, or brighten, or reduce redness, or help with acne, or plump up fine lines. Not much better than just putting plain tap water on my face. I will admit I was a little disappointed by being let down by the anti-redness claim.

Son and Park – Beauty Water

This is such a cult product and I was very excited to try it out. The ingredients listing looked amazing and promising. In my mind, this product absolutely deserves its cult status because it is indeed hydrating, brightening, skin softening and skin smoothing. If you have issues with texture and getting skin flakies off your face, then I think you will love this toner. Any skin bits will be whisked away in a jiffy as this toner gives you baby bum soft and glowy skin.

And yet, I have not considered repurchasing ever since I ran out, for the simple reason that I got this beauty water in lieu of an acid toner. In my routine, acid toners are my secret weapon for fighting acne – the last acid toner that I found had acne fighting properties was CNP’s acid herre >> Review: CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster – yet this one did not help with my adult acne and I actually found that the longer I went without my usual acid toners, using this instead, the more breakouts I was getting. Not because this beauty water was causing them, but because this beauty water did not prevent them.

I think this toner would be a brilliant choice for anyone but people with adult acne like mine.

Some by Mi – AHA BHA PHA 30 days miracle toner

I have included this in my 2020 favourites >> Best of 2020 and have also talked about it in the comments sections of fellow bloggers. This toner has single handedly turned my skin around and I credit it for the great improvement of my acne over the past year or so. I apply this using the Silcot cotton pads mentioned in the same post.

It hydrates. It seriously brightens. It removes skin flakies (I’m assuming due to the pineapple enzyme). It prevents acne from occurring. The ones that do make it through are reduced in size or are literally whisked away by wiping them carefully. Honestly I cannot sing its praises enough. This toner has done so much to improve my skin condition overall and I don’t know what I’ll do if it ever gets discontinued.

Dr Jart+ – Teatreement Toner

This toner was entirely forgettable. It did nothing for my acne, and did not have any other skincare benefits. I was rather bummed as I generally like Dr Jart+ and was expecting an efficacious acne hero.

Isntree – Hyaluronic Acid toner

Honestly I am not sure why I repurchased this. I got this a long time ago and was not a huge fan then, so why did I buy this multipack? This is a hyaluronic acid toner and yes, it does hydrate a little. It just cannot compete with my all time favourite, Gokujyun Premium, in the hydration department >> Review: Hada Labo Gokujun Premium Oil JellyReview: Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Hydrating Lotion a.k.a. My HG hyaluronic acid skin saviour.

What I like is that this toner is so no frills and affordable. A little goes a reasonably long way. It is unfragranced and basic, making it suitable for sensitive skin like mine, too.

What I don’t like is how this plays with other textures. If I use it right away on cleansed skin, it does not give me any trouble. If I have any other toner under it however, it starts to get cumbersome to pat into skin. If I use too many layers over it, it causes products that normally wouldn’t, to ball up. I am not planning on repurchasing.

・Final Thoughts:・  

There are lots of great toners out there, the search continues! For now, I am very happy with Some by Mi though.

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8 thoughts on “Treatment Toners aka Fancy Water Empties (Dr Jart+, Isntree, Son and Park, Some by Mi, Normal No More, Avene)

  1. I’m a big fan of toners but haven’t tried any of the ones you review in your post. I’m actually quite interested in Son and Park Beauty Water. I think it might suit my skin type just fine and it seems to do what I look for in a toner. I’m definitely adding it to my wish list. Thank you for sharing this!

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  2. Got the Some By Mi toner! I was going to save it for later but temptation got the best of me. I’m excited to see what this stuff can do! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope you like it as much as I do! I was expecting it to be another piece of classic Lalavla crapola (I find them to be the forever 21 of the Korean cosmetics world) but it really managed to surprise me.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m a toner gal so I loved reading your opinion on all of these. Definitely need to try the some by mi once I’ve finished others in my stash, no idea why olive young staff swayed me in a different direction but you mentioned it so positively a few times so I’m even more eager to see how it works for me. I haven’t opened my son and park mini yet, but I like what I’m reading here too 😄 as for the isntree hyaluronic acid one, I tried it once and I think my thoughts are similar to yours although I can’t compare it against the Hado Labo Premium myself yet but that’s definitely on my ‘the empties diaries recommendations’ shopping list.

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