No Polish Manis | Nail Polishes | Hand Care Product Empties & Decluttering

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Here’s the inspiration for today’s blog post:

Late one night, as I was getting home, I used my key card to unlock the front door. As my gaze fell on my hands, I realised it was time to do something about those talons! Peeling nails, long, misshapen, cracking and splitting, cuticles sprouting, dry skin, nail polish remnants both on and under fingernails. Eeks!

No Polish Mani

I went to work with my usual tools – nail clippers, nail files, cuticle removers, cuticle pushers, hand creams – and was able to finish the evening with presentable hands. This, in turn, inspired today’s posts. I feel as though hand and nail care posts are relegated to autumn and winter; guess I am a total punk for posting in summer. 👩‍🎤
But then again, now that we’re all washing and disinfecting our hands, and seeing as manicures are just about the only thing that’s visible of us (along with eye makeup, perhaps), I guess a hand care and products empties review might just be in order.

Nail Polish Decluttering / Discards / Empties

Do you ever look at something you own and think to yourself, Just Why?

There was a time in my life where I wanted to go for a more feminine, professional look, trying to fit in with Korean women who tend to sport very classic, very pretty nails. So I got all the pink polishes I could get my hands on, apparently (punny!). But why? I don’t do ‘pretty’ nor ‘cute’, don’t even like pink, and I will never feel right if I am not true to myself. So these baby pinks had to go.

These are just some random colours I got rid of, either because I hated the shade or because the polish was dried out.

Hand Care Empties

L’Occitane en Provence | Crème Mains – Peaux Sèches (Hand Cream, Dry Skin)

For some reason, even though this is one of my HG hand creams, I have never had to buy a tube as the people in my life tend to gift me one of these bad boys!

This is so nourishing and soothing and an absolute delight, especially when your hands are going through a rough patch – pun intended. Your hands are brought back to life instantly. The shea butter smell is gorgeous, kind of like a creamy, gourmand, cake, spa kind of scent. Due to how rich this is, I’d peg this as a night hand cream to slather on your mitts around bedtime rather than during the day time, but of course, you do you.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat

This one was unavailable in Korea for almost a year and I missed it dearly – previously reviewed here in a little more detail – so glad it is back! This puppy adds a high shine slick, almost patent leather gloss to your regular nail polish. It works best if you apply it on top of nail polish that is ever so slightly tacky, not completely dry, as it helps bind your layers of nail varnish.

My only complaint is that while very liquid when newly opened, this turns a tad gloopy once you go over the half mark.

Wake Make | Strong Base Coat

Wake Make is Olive Young’s (local Korean chemist) store-owned brand of colour makeup and nail products. While I was not too keen on them in the past, I have come round and circled back to them and am again actively using their colour polishes.

I am not too sure about their base coat though, pictured above, but then again, perhaps I am not the target audience – the sticker says that this is a base coat specifically for when you want to do nail art, not just plain polishes like what yours truly prefers (I just cannot be arsed to do elaborate designs and find them too fussy looking – my preference is for minimalism in every aspect of my life).

This polish dries down very, very matte and in my personal opinion, does not quite grip onto nail polish all that well for that reason as the super matte texture does not seem to gel with overlaid polishes. It’s not a bad basecoat by any means but I feel that there are better, grip-pier base polishes out there. Which brings us to…

Cololab | Sticky Primer base coat

Nuxe | Reve de Miel Creme Mains et Ongles Hand and Nail Cream

I was introduced to this hand and nail cream through a colleague when I asked her what lush perfume she was wearing that day, as she just smelt that good… She then proceeded to reveal that it was not in fact her perfume but her hand cream! This is an absolutely delicious treat of a hand cream and everyone I’ve introduced to it has been blown away not only by how good it smells but also by how well it absorbs – making it a great choice for day time use – and by how light yet nourishing it is. I included it in my 2020 favourites and this cream and I are still going strong. It is a tad on the expensive side compared to other offerings from the chemist or roadside style shops, Nuxe being a French pharmacy brand, but it is so worth it.

Wake Make Nail Gun Gel Top

This is an ok top coat but I do not find it to differ from just a clear polish. When I buy a top coat, I expect a varnish that really seals in colour and extends wear time while perhaps adding an interesting finish, be it matte or patent high shine.

This top coat, in my opinion, simply works the same way a clear nail polish would. It does not help dry your polish faster or make it last. I did not hate this but do not see myself repurchasing.

Eco Beyond – Classic Hand Cream

A nice smelling hand cream but entirely forgettable in the nourishing department. While the smell was good, it just was not all that mind blowing and a bit too light for my liking. A good hand cream should be capable of pulling off some serious nourishment and it just was not there with this hand cream.

Cololab | Clean & Mild Essence Remover

This nail polish remover annoyed me so much! It was mild, yes… too mild, in that it failed to remove polish properly. I was not a fan and will not be getting it again.

Wake Make | Perfect Nail Remover

I am not sure what it is. This nail polish remover is not something that I look forward to buying, or that I get particularly excited about. And yet… it is the most repurchased nail polish remover that I have! It strikes a reasonably good balance between being able to remove polish decently without drying nails to a husk. If I were to find something better, I’d switch in a heartbeat though.

Side note: What a random name! Sounds like your nails will fall off when you use this.

Polishes I am currently using and loving

Now, let’s get to what I am ACTUALLY using. Black, white (in 2 different opacities), plus neutral shimmers / metallic glitters. My favourite being Wake Make’s Wedding Beige, a truly neutral beige for a my nails but better-look that’s just a bit darker than my skin tone, which makes things more interesting and helps avoid that mannequin fingered look. I also love their VVIP pink, which is a sheer holo neutral shimmer and just looks so pretty.

What are some hand products that you hated or loved lately? What are your favourite shades of nail polish? Let me know in the comments! 💅💅

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2 thoughts on “No Polish Manis | Nail Polishes | Hand Care Product Empties & Decluttering

  1. We share a hand cream favorite! L´Occitane en Provence Dry Skin Hand Cream ha been my go to hand cream for many years, it really does the job leaving hands supple, soothed and soft without leaving them sticky or heavy with product. I will definitely test out Nuxe Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream, it sounds like a great hand cream too.

    Love your multicolor manicure!!

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