Sheet Mask Empties

I was going to churn out another one of these half-ar*** blog posts today, filled with semi-detailed reviews of sheet masks I did not hate but could not in all honesty recommend to buy… and then I realised I had FAR too many of those. 🤷‍♀️

It was going to take days! I still wanted to share my opinion, but found that the reviews all started to sound the same.

In this spirit, then, allow me to post these sheet mask empties in one big lump post. 🧈 To sum up:

All of these were ok, lightly hydrating, did not break me out, they were reasonably priced but did not wow me enough to buy again. They were nice but nothing special. All of them were purchased locally here in Seoul, Korea, with my own money, in-store.

Today’s brands – there may be more than one type of sheet mask:

  • Dr G
  • Abib
  • I’m from
  • Dr Jart+
  • Briskin
  • Miguhara
  • Mediheal
  • Cell Fusion C
  • Soliens
  • isoi
  • Banobagi
  • Celimax
  • I’m sorry for my skin
  • Steady
  • Ildong
  • How’s your skin weather

If you have any specific questions about any of them in particular, let me know in the comments and I shall try and wrack my brains to see if I can answer. Here we go!

Dr G – Royal Black Snail Cream Mask

Abib – Crème Coating Mask

Abib – Gummy Sheet Mask Madecassosside Sticker

Miguhara – 2Step Aqua Balance Mask Pack Waterline

Dr Jart+ – Soothing Hydra Solution

Mediheal – Whitening Bubble Tox Serum Mask

Cell Fusion C – First Cooling Mask

Abib – Gummy Sheet Mask Heartleaf Sticker

Miguhara – 2Step Whitening Mask Pack

Briskin – Origin Nature Mask Rose

I’m from Mugwort Sheet Mask

Briskin – Origin Nature Mask Mugwort

Briskin – Origin Nature Mask Calendula

Soliens – Vita 10 Collagen Mask

isoi – First Speedy Mask

Banobagi – Baby Face Injection

Celimax – Sedum Ampoule Mask

Steady – Fabrik Mask Subun Wear [subun = moisture in Korean]

I’m Sorry For My Skin – Jelly Mask Relaxing

Ildong – Probiotic Mask

How’s your skin weather GR8 Smart Mask – It’s fine all day waterful mask

Final Thoughts

While I thought these were not bad, I did not find reasons to come back to them, either. What are some products you have felt… meh about, lately? Let’s talk in the comments. 😍

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5 thoughts on “Sheet Mask Empties

  1. Wow! You´ve tried so many different sheet masks! Just a shame none of those were particularly good. I´m not too keen on this kind of skincare format. I guess sheet masks work well to give instant results when there´s a specific need to correct, but I prefer skincare boosters in that matter, they work better for my skin. Any particular really good sheet mask you could recommend to make me change my mind?

    Thank you for sharing your experience with all these sheet masks.

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    1. I have a lot more sheet masks backed up in the archives where this review came from!!

      For me personally, I’ve found that even though they’re terrible for the environment, my skin loves the cooling and hydration they provide.

      So far, out of all the masks I’ve tried during my 5-6 years here in Korea, there are only two that I repurchase and that give me results that last beyond a couple of minutes. Both of these excel at calming and brightening:

      1. Dr Jart+ Dermask brightening solution (orange)
      2. Madeca21 Tecasol sheet mask

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      1. Thank you so much for your recommendation! I’m trying these two as soon as I get the chance to purchase them. This thing you mentioned, the fact that they give results beyond two minutes, is actually what really appeals to me, plus brightening and calming effects are really my thing. Thank you once again!

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  2. I haven’t used any of these ones yet, good to know that they’re all decent but nothing special haha I’m still going through that sheet mask fatigue phase you mentioned. I recently tried a Jumiso sheet mask after not using sheet masks for a whole year and my reaction to it was pretty meh – temporarily refreshing as most masks are but nothing else XD

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