Eye Makeup Remover Empties Roundup โž• How has your beauty routine changed?

Question of the day. How has YOUR makeup / skincare routine changed over the last 18 months? Do share in the comments. ๐Ÿงด

BC (Before Corona), I used to put on a full face of makeup 5-6 days of the week. These days, I tend to skip face and lip makeup altogether and make up my eyes only. Sometimes shadow, winged eyeliner, mascara, often just eyeshadow + mascara.

I used to wear foundation under my mask but found that things got icky rather quickly. Foundation would slide around, rub off and stain the inside of the mask – not a good look! You may suggest I could try long wear foundation but I prefer a glistening, wet looking base, and long wear foundations just do not come in glowy finishes, or if they do, they tend to be drying formulas interspersed with glitter.

To be completely honest though – I have been kind of loving the bare faced look, though I do miss perfecting my base. Those acne scars will be on full display once mask mandates cease to exist, whenever that may be. I have a feeling that at a minimum, I may forego eye makeup but I will be going back to foundation and highlighter, as beautiful skin is a massive fetish of mine.

Anyone else out there mixing gold and silver? I enjoy the randomness of having a bit of both but do not see it on others.

So on a good skin day, I may be able to rock up like this with no makeup; sunscreen being a must obviously. โฌ†

But back to the review section of this post. Ever since I discovered Heroine mascaras which are basically death proof, I have been finding it hard to go back to non waterproof mascaras. If you have used Heroine before, you will know that they are well nigh impossible to lift off your lashes. In my quest for the perfect eye makeup remover, I have been through quite a few bottles!

Bioderma – Sensibio H2O

I used this for several years; it was my HG eye and makeup remover and it is indeed a fantastic product, which I previously reviewed here. Now that I am stuck on Heroine however, this is no longer fit for purpose as it does absolutely nothing to remove it, and other waterproof mascaras. I would however wholeheartedly recommend this as a cleansing water and/or eye makeup remover for light to normal eye makeup, especially if you have sensitive skin. Do follow up with another cleanser, though. This is not a product that should stay on your skin without being rinsed off, in my opinion.

Bielenda – Double-Phase Eye Makeup Remover

This is your classic bi-phase eye makeup remover which needs to be shaken up in order to be effective. It worked ok for me but there are far more affordable products such as Scinic’s coconut eye makeup remover which are a fraction of the cost and work the same, if not better. I will not be getting it again.

Illiyoon – lip & eye remover

Wow, what a letdown. Illiyoon makes my favourite moisturiser so I had high hopes for this. Instead, I was served a huge dish of disappointment. The product itself stung my eyes, and they are not particularly sensitive. What really triggered me though was the packaging. Not sure why but this type of packaging has been popping up everywhere and I cannot fathom why. It’s a little plastic dish attached to a loaded spring, which, when pressed down, is supposed to lift product to a cotton round. Lots of extra plastic waste, and what happens is that product gets squirted all around the bathroom and reaches every corner EXCEPT your cotton round. Terrible product, even worse packaging.

Heroine Make – Eye Makeup Remover

Given that this eye makeup remover is manufactured by the company that sells my favourite Heroine Make mascaras, I had VERY high hopes for this one given the price tag. It is 3x more expensive than other eye drugstore branded makeup removers but I was happy to pay in the hopes that it would be genuinely innovative and great at removing their own Heroin Make mascara.

Well, this was not it. It was a good biphase eye makeup remover but again, measured by Scinic’s aforementioned remover, it did not fare better while being a lot more expensive. I will not be getting it again.

Final Thoughts

I keep going back to Scinic for my eye makeup remover needs but do not find it to be particularly impressive. It’s just that all the other removers aren’t any better while being more expensive, so Scinic it is. What drugstore eye makeup removers for waterproof makeup can you recommend?

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2 thoughts on “Eye Makeup Remover Empties Roundup โž• How has your beauty routine changed?

  1. Having very sensitive eyes, I have kept away from waterproof mascara and harsh eye makeup removers for a long time. My eyes can’t really take it, I used to end up with very irritated eyes and red, swollen eyelids. I ‘ve been using for quite some time non-toxic mascaras and the Bioderma makeup remover -I agree with you it’s an excellent product- and it’s the only way to keep eye problems at bay.

    Mixing silver and gold metals looks absolutely cool to me. Many people are of the opinion silver and gold shouldn’t be worn together, but I like the mismatched effect they create.

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