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Contrary to my face, my scalp and body skin are good kids. Always have been. It’s my face that’s the problem child. This might help explain why I don’t get particularly emotional about body care products, hence why I do not write about them often and why I have thus amassed a little pile of empties to share with the world. Jumping in! πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ

Bioderma Atoderm Creme

This was just a basic moisturiser and this luxury sample did not invite me to get the full size. If you do fancy a great moisturiser for problem skin, I would point you in the direction of the miracle that is Uriage Xemose, reviewed here and here.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub in Moroccan Rose

This baby pink sugar scrub is one of the best smelling body care products that I have ever used and I would love to have more Tree Hut Shea products here in Korea as the products on their website (not an affiliate link) sound absolutely delicious. I don’t usually buy scrubs – this one was gifted to me – but I surprised myself with how much I loved it. It left skin smooth and smelling lovely without any oily residue, as so many sugar scrubs are wont to do for some reason.

Cath Kidston body scrub

An entirely forgettable product. I remember this smelling very strongly, and not in a good way.

8×4 Personalised Protection Deodorant (various scents)

The 8×4 branding brought back teenage memories as I used to buy these a lot as a young teen. Generally speaking, I really enjoyed the scents of these deodorants. They are quite strong though, meaning this could go either way. If you like very heavily scented deodorants because you cannot or do not wish to spend money on perfume, this might be a great option!

While they are heavy on scent, I found them to be less effective in inhibiting sweating and smelling sweaty. It gets rather hot and humid here in Korea, and I found myself smelling of a little of BO at the end of the day. The result was that I coated myself in layers of the stuff for fear of smelling like an ogre, and I ended up burning through those bad boys like there was no tomorrow, finishing a bottle within a month or less. I enjoyed using them but do not see myself buying them in the future.

Apparently, there’s something wrong with my nose because I perceived them very differently to how they are advertised on 8×4’s company site.

Here are the ones that I tried: –

  • No 1 Pure Aqua – my personal favourite of the bunch, this was a lightly soapy, floral aroma. Their website describes this as watermelon and lotus scented – I did not get either – but it was clean and flowery.
  • No 2 Clear Rose – I liked it ok but it ended up too sweet and floral for me. The website describes it as fruity-floral with vanilla notes. I did not detect any vanilla.
  • No 4 Vibrant Flower – According to their website, this has aromas of pomegranate and citrus fruits. Again, I got neither one of those. Instead, I found this to be a full-on, full-frontal floral, a little violet-y, which was a bit sickly sweet for my taste.
  • No 6 Juicy Splash – I do not see this on their site, perhaps it has been discontinued. I get nectarine, peach and vanilla from this one. This was my second favourite out of all of them as I found it oddly comforting and relaxing, it was sweet in an almost gourmand way.
  • No 8 Wild Oak – This one smelled great out of the tester but once I took her home, I realised she was apparently a men’s deodorant. I still made it work and used it up – it is not a hyper masculine scent, more of a woodsy-creamy one, and totally works on women too, especially when paired with an aquatic, unisex or musky perfume.

Gillette – Venus Sensitive Disposable Razors

So I am not just a stinky person, I am also a hairy one. While some people enjoy going for waxing, Brazilians, etc, I find that I cannot justify the time and cost, personally. That is where shaving comes in. I shave once a week top to bottom, pits, bikini, legs, and the rest of the time I rock some stubble, which thankfully is blond and therefore not super noticeable – I also care a lot less than I used to about stubbly body parts.

These razors give me the closed shave for the most bang for my buck (pang for my penny? ping for my pence?) as I cannot deal with one time use razors – those give me razor burn – while refusing to shell out for fancy razors. I repurchase these every time as they work well for me.

No Brand – Cooling Mist Green Tea

I got the mist as a spray to help cool down naturally during Korean summers but found that it really did not do much. I ended up using it as a very lightly perfumed mist to help me smell better during rising temperatures and enjoyed it as such: as a perfuming agent more than anything else.

Goongjoongbichaek – Goongbe Soothing Powder

This is not mine but the husband’s – being Korean, he does not smell naturally but he does enjoy using baby powder following baths or showers, to help with chafing, heat rashes and feeling dry and comfortable overall. He does not use this one as it has to be applied with a puff – instead, he prefers loose powder. I tried using it and it is unscented and seems to absorb moisture well. I might have to look into using it, myself.

PS: The bananas are not there for aesthetics. I had just returned from the shops and forgot to move them out of frame. 😁

Nair – Sugar Wax (Candy Apple)

I have blogged about this previously over here, which is why I will not go into detail. All I can say is that it is a great product. I do not use it currently as the new place that we moved into does not have a microwave oven, which is why I am back with shaving and cold waxing. I discovered this in my stash some time after we had moved and decided to gift the unopened box to a friend instead.

Yves Rocher – Shampoos and Conditioner (Refresh, Shine // Fraicheur, Brillance)

I had never used Yves Rocher hair products before, so I was a little curious. I like the conditioner ok, and I loved the hair vinegar so much, I included it in my Best of 2020 post. The shampoos however are not quite my cup of tea. Due to them being so mild and not having the usual surfactants of regular shampoo, I found that they always left a slight residue. That could be ok if you have coarse or dry hair, but because my hair is so fine, any residues tend to weigh it down and make it appear oily throughout the day, which is why I did not find myself repurchasing once I finished the shampoos.

Titania – Cracked Heel Balm

Another product I got for the husbatron. It’s ok but I am currently trialing another heel balm on him – Mothernest Heel Balm Care – which seems to have better results. I shall update the blog once I have trialled a little more.

Johnson’s Baby Powder

Looks like this is becoming a post about my husband’s body care routine more than anything else?! This is his favourite baby powder to date. It smells really nice; in fact, I love smelling it on him. We joke that it makes him look like a little powdered jam donut when he applies it to himself.

Nivea – Dry Comfort Deodorant

This is my go to deodorant at present. I enjoy the creamy, soapy, classic Nivea, unobtrusive scent that layers well with all my perfumes and it protects me well from pit smells and feeling wet. Two thumbs up!

Tiger Balm Relief

I am not sure if this is reformulated or different for the Korean market or whatever it is, but this tiger balm feels very different from the tiger balms I purchased in Europe. It is very mild and does not sting skin, nose or eyes, but somehow I need that stinging sensation to feel as though it is actually doing something. I use it for comfort sometimes because I love the smell, but I do not use it for headaches like I used to back when I was still living in Europe.

Klorane – Purifying Shampoo with Citrus Pulp

This is one of the most beautifully smelling shampoos that I have ever dumped over my hair. It is like an expensive perfume for your hair. It also is gentle on your scalp. I am on the fence as to whether I should repurchase or not as this is a little pricey and you go through it rather quickly, as it does not lather up all that well, requiring me to use more product in order for my hair to feel clean.

Final Thoughts

It feels good to have gotten some mini reviews out of the way and to have reduced the amount of photos / potential future blog posts. What body products have you used up as of late? Was there anything that you enjoyed in particular?

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  1. Unlike you, my face skin, my body skin, my hair and hair scalp are very dry. Very hydrating, emollient formulas are the way to go to keep my skin and hair in good condition. I find the Beauty Drops retinol oil works well on my body skin to keep it nourished, elastic and younger-looking.

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