Face Mist Empties (espoir, CNP, boH, O’Lysee)

Face mists are something I rely on year-round. Wake up feeling a bit dry? Mist. Working out and feeling a tad sweaty? Mist. Air con on in summer everywhere you go? Mist. Heating on in winter? Mist. If mists are your jam, see some more mist reviews here: Review: Face Mist Empties, Winter 2020 editionToners and … Continue reading Face Mist Empties (espoir, CNP, boH, O’Lysee)

Best of Beauty 2021

This year, I barely wore any makeup save for some eye makeup every now and then, though I really miss wearing a full face. Alas, as long as the mask mandates stay in place, I do not see myself going back to my pre-pandemic pancake face, but if you're interested in which BB cream I … Continue reading Best of Beauty 2021