Too Cool for School is Stealing Charlotte Tilbury’s Designs – AGAIN [allegedly]

Quite a few years ago, I posted about how Too Cool for School (TCFS), a Korean indie makeup and skincare brand, had taken more than just a leaf out of Charlotte Tilbury’s (CT) design when they ~allegedly~ stole CT’s designs for their own cushions. While there was some backlash online, clearly TCFS did not give a flying **** and even doubled down, see recent snaps at the bottom of this post.

Just as a reminder, here are the foundations from my original blog post – TCFS left, CT on the right. No, this is not OK. It’s shameless and uncreative, in my view.

No one seems to be talking about this and I am disgusted. I never purchased anything from TCFS for that reason and yes, I get it. It is just me, rambling on this blog that only recently reached 100,000 views. I am a nobody. TCFS will survive, whether I write about them or not, whether I buy from them or not. At the same time, I just cannot accept brands behaving badly and will do my bit for a fairer world, however small that may be. 

They continue up to the present day to sell their makeup with a logo that is pretty much identical to Charlotte Tilbury’s ~in my personal opinion~, and thus continue to profit off the visuals established by CT. This is what’s on their site now:

Come on people, you are fooling no one. Source

Now compare that with CT’s current visuals:


I had wished for TCFS to perhaps get the hint and come up with something original. Clearly, I was wrong. Same thing all over again.

Imagine my horror when I popped into my local Olive Young the other day to stock up on my beloved Silcot cotton pads – the Rolls Royce of cotton pads – and was greeted by this makeup sponge:

Hm, what does this remind me of?

A few aisles over, there were those makeup cushions.

You make up (lels) your own mind, obviously. Personally, I will continue to shun TCFS when buying makeup and skincare.

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7 thoughts on “Too Cool for School is Stealing Charlotte Tilbury’s Designs – AGAIN [allegedly]

  1. OMG, one thing is getting inspiration from another brand’s design and another is totally stealing it! The logo is the exact same thing. Thank you for spotting this and sharing it!


    1. Thanks for your comment – just realised I had a massive typo in the headline. Fixed it.

      It’s not even like they’re also called CT – the brand initials are TCFS. Purely from an objective perspective, the logo is wrong.

      And it’s not like TCFS are a cheap brand known for knockoffs. They’re actually quite a prestigious, high end priced, global brand. They have the budget to hire and come up with original designs.

      Shame on them. Seriously.

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      1. Yes, I agree wth you. It’s a shame because they could perfectly afford their own branding and give uniqueness and personality to the brand, instead of stealing another brand’s logo and look.


  2. wow I did not know too cool for school are playing to such an extent, I remember you mentioned this in another post but didn’t realise they’d keep going :/


    1. I just went down to the shops today and they’re still selling the brown / gold cushion foundation, as well. In Olive Young, no less. I’m surprised Charlotte Tilbury didn’t file a lawsuit over intellectual property or copyright infringement or some such thing.

      Perhaps the design and logo are just different enough to be outside of the reach of the law, or perhaps international law is so complicated and Charlotte Tilbury is so big, they don’t think it’s worth the hassle? Who knows. I still think it’s wrong and needs to be pushed back against. 😤

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      1. I agree, and you could be right about CT not being bothered by it, I mean they’re so popular with the general public as well as celebs worldwide so considering its not exactly the same with every detail, it might not be a problem. Still very bad of TCFS.


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