What it feels like to reach your skincare goals

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I guess we all have our insecurities and things we wish we could change about ourselves, our bodies.

Me, growing up, I found myself battling acne in various manifestations (hormonal and lifestyle-related, varying in intensity) from my mid-teens all the way up until my early thirties – so, pretty much up to the present – until I looked in the mirror the other day and realised I had not had a bad skin day in many, many months.

I’d had blemishes, but no deep cystic acne, nothing that required extractions – only surface level, minor bumps – nothing that an acid toner, vitamin C, retinol, and a sheet mask could not remedy.

And here’s the curious bit. I’d felt so insecure about myself for so long, worn Kabuki style makeup for at least a decade and a half, and here I was, finally, at a point where I did not need full coverage foundation (or, at least, had no **** left to give – thanks, Rona), had not worn any base makeup in over two years. I had always thought that clearing my skin would be impossible, or if I did, that it would make life more meaningful.

Did I celebrate? Get the bubbly out?

No. It somehow melted into the background.

I felt… nothing at all.




But, enough of me. Out of curiosity: Have you reached your skincare goals, or are you close to reaching them? If not, how do you think you’ll feel once you do – what will that look like? Will it change your trajectory going forward? Let’s continue the convo in the comments. 🖤🤍

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4 thoughts on “What it feels like to reach your skincare goals

  1. I’m so happy to hear you reached your skincare goals! Now you can concentrate in adressing other skin concerns you may have or simply enjoy skincare with all its benefits. I started to take skincare seriously about three years ago. Before that I had to spend the entire day looking after my son and I was always exhausted. One day I looked at the mirror and realised my skin looked dull, tired and was showing signs of aging, so skincare came to the rescue and now my skin is looking so much better.


    1. I was listening to a podcast the other day about time/the passage of time and the Podcaster pointed out that we always chase after something, right? When we’re little, we want to be grownups. When we’re grownups we want to graduate / get a good job / get married. Then we want kids. Then we want professional fulfilment / preparing for retirement. So we’re always waiting for… something. But when do we actually get to enjoy? On our deathbed?

      Not rocket science I know. But like you say – now I can just enjoy skincare for skincare’s sake, without waiting for anything.

      Glad to hear you started enjoying skincare a few years back and are reaping the benefits. You’re an inspiration and you do fill a niche on the Internet with your content!

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      1. Thank you so much! Your words really made my day! Tha initial idea and main reason for my blog was to provide beauty and style inspiration and it really is what keeps me focused in creating new content.

        Your blog content is always very engaging and unique and thanks to your posts I discovered many interesting facts about Korean skincare and lifestyle. I hope you keep sharing conent in the future!

        Regarding to always chasing for something, I think it’s part of our human nature, but you are very right, it’s very important to actually stop and enjoy the present moment because the present happens and it’s already gone, with no chance to live it up again.

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