What it feels like to reach your skincare goals

Image source I guess we all have our insecurities and things we wish we could change about ourselves, our bodies. Me, growing up, I found myself battling acne in various manifestations (hormonal and lifestyle-related, varying in intensity) from my mid-teens all the way up until my early thirties - so, pretty much up to the … Continue reading What it feels like to reach your skincare goals

Best of Beauty 2021

This year, I barely wore any makeup save for some eye makeup every now and then, though I really miss wearing a full face. Alas, as long as the mask mandates stay in place, I do not see myself going back to my pre-pandemic pancake face, but if you're interested in which BB cream I … Continue reading Best of Beauty 2021

Korean Perspective: Skin pH

Source: Beauty+ Korea Some time last year, at the gym, I found this beauty magazine called Beauty+ that was just lying around (I stopped buying glossies when I was perhaps 14) and members of the gym were free to take home a copy. One of the articles was titled 'Is my skin [at pH] 5.5?' … Continue reading Korean Perspective: Skin pH

Visiting a Korean dermatologist for Adult Acne

Let's Talk about the Importance of Getting a Professional Consultation Image Source Dismal Days Earlier this year, I was experiencing a few bad skin days. Le sigh. Those bad skin days turned into bad skin weeks, and then, bad skin months. Every single day, I would play whack-a-mole with my breakouts, meaning that just when … Continue reading Visiting a Korean dermatologist for Adult Acne