Review: WakeMake – Conceal Liquid

I have only tried three foundations from WakeMake, however, all three of them had the same soft, glowy, shiny finish, including this one – more on that later. I picked this one up for 70% off at my local Watsons, as they turned to replace their foundations with different ones. Though it is called Conceal Liquid, it is actually a foundation, which could be a tad confusing for some people, I guess? It cost me around KRW10,000 at the time, which equates to about USD10.

My thoughts on Korean foundation preferences

Before we get into the actual review, let’s delve a little deeper into how women put their face on here, as seen from my (Caucasian, newly 30) perspective.

I love the Korean foundation aesthetic. Rather than mattifying skin, blotting it and powdering it endlessly, most people I see on the street or in advertisements go for a satin or even a shiny, glistening finish that looks almost wet.

Rather than working against your skin, women seem to want to work with it, which has resulted in an almost unholy skincare industry craze.

Most appear to go crazy for hydration and skin barrier protection in all of their skincare products, which extends to their base products. Yes, some people still buy and like powders. Most people, however, seem to only throw on some cushion foundation, swipe on lipstick and brow products, and then go about their day, perhaps touching it up occasionally throughout the day. No contouring, no bronzing, and I don’t see many women wearing blusher where I live, either.


This is a liquid and slightly runny runny foundation that comes in a heavy, sturdy glass packaging. It has a nice heft and weight to it, however I wouldn’t take it travelling as it might be prone to leaking or breaking in transit, not to mention that it might be too heavy. Personally, I don’t get many days off, I have never ever travelled for business before, and I therefore don’t go travelling much. My makeup can be heavy, so this type of packaging does not bother me at all.

Application, coverage and finish

My skincare routine is complex and convoluted, meaning my skin is always in perfect condition to be painted on with foundation. I, therefore, cannot tell you how this would perform on flaky skin.

On my oily, acne prone skin, this glided on smoothly and gave me medium coverage, which is my preferred type of coverage because light coverage is not enough for me, and I don’t like full coverage as it is too artificial looking for me personally.

The finish is wet to satin-y and as with all foundations that I have used that have a wet or satin finish, I find that this transfers quite a bit. I put some setting powder on top to keep it from disappearing off my face and it was fine.

That being said, I have recently stumbled upon the magic of setting sprays, and I would recommend that you use a setting spray with this foundation instead, as the foundation would often cake up during the day. To be fair, this was not because of the foundation but because of the powder, which would combine with my natural sebum, the foundation, and high levels of humidity especially in summer and spring to create a dreadfully cakey face at times.

Final Thoughts

As far as I can see, this foundation has been discontinued now. I nonetheless encourage you to check out WakeMake, especially if you live locally, i.e. in Korea. They have great makeup, especially base products, that I always enjoy using.

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