Review: Dr. G – Brightening Peeling Gel EX Mild

Today, let’s talk peeling gels! If you are new to them or even if you are an afficionado, may I refer you to Lab Muffin’s fantastic breakdown of how peeling gels actually work? Spoiler alert: That’s not just your skin balling up when you use one. The cellulose fibres in the product work with your skin’s natural oil to ball up and give you that satisfying peel.

But back to the product. This is a conventional peeling gel by Korean brand Dr. G called Brightening Peeling Gel EX Mild.

TL;DR: This absolutely does the job but so do all the other peeling gels that I have tried.


Source: cosDNA

As you can see from the ingredients list, water and cellulose are high up, both of which are pretty cheap ingredients. Water being, well, water, and cellulose basically being insoluble plant fibres.

There are a couple of other ingredients which seem beneficial such as honey and aloe, but since we don’t know their concentrations, it is pretty hard to tell whether they are actually doing any heavy lifting in the skincare department.

Plus, this being an exfoliant, it does not actually stay on your skin long enough to have any lasting impact save for the exfoliation, which admittedly is nice. More on that in a bit.

Size/Quantity: 120 ml

Price & Availability: You can get these at Olive Young Korea or online. Locally, I paid ₩20,000 for a twin pack (buy one get one free) when they were on special, though they usually retail for the same price for just one container.

Opinion: If you have checked Lab Muffin’s excellent article, you will have seen that she noted that yes, some of your skin does get exfoliated through very gentle physical exfoliation.

This milky white, slightly runny peeling gel does remove dead skin flakies and my skin felt noticeably softer every time. My skincare and makeup products seemed to sink in better, go on more smoothly, small blemishes seemed to be reduced or stopped in their tracks and my skin was touchably soft.

I use peeling gels such as this one 2-3 times a week along with gentle acid toners (my favourite being my HG peeling booster by CNP which I have been repurchasing for years. Sometimes however, nothing beats physical exfoliation but I stay away from scrubs. I do like to exfoliate with acid pads or at other times, I will go for a peeling gel like this one.

This one by Dr. G is famous, though I am not sure why. It works exactly like all the other ones I have tried before this. My advice would be to find the cheapest one that you can get where the ingredients list specifies cellulose and water towards the top, and then go for that one. If Dr. G is the cheapest offering for you, by all means get this one.

Final Thoughts

This was perfectly alright. It did what it said on the tube – get rid of dead skin. Once I run out of my current peeling gel, I will consider repurchasing if this is the cheapest peeling gel available at the time.

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