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As detailed in my previous post about my current struggles with adult acne and the ensuing doctor’s visit, my skin has been on freakout mode for quite some time now. I got this set following a video posted by Liah Yoo, CEO of Krave Beauty, where she recounted her little chat with the woman who formulated this here lotion.

Liah talked about how the lotion was so mild, the formulator used it for everyone she knew and everywhere on their bodies, including her own babies.

‘Well’, I thought, ‘if it’s good enough for her babies, it must be good enough for me!’ and so on my merry way I went to bag this gift set as pictured above.

NB This review talks only about me using these products on my face. If you would like to read about what it feels like when used as a body lotion, I recommend that you refer to fellow blogger Angela’s excellent post about the Ato Lotion over here.

・What it is: ・

Both creams are products that you can use on both face and body, on babies, kids and adults alike.


HG status. I can see myself using both for a long time to come.

・Price & Availability: ・

I got my set at Olive Young for ₩11,900 on sale. The lotion on its own costs US$24 on Olive Young’s global website when not on sale.

・Size/Quantity: ・

The lotion comes with 350 ml and the cream comes with 75 ml of product.



Purified WaterGlycerinPropanediolShea ButterCyclopentasiloxaneHydrogenated Poly (C6-14 Olefin)CyclohexasiloxaneDimethiconeCetyl EthylhexanoateDiisostearyl MalateHydroxyethyl Acrylate/​Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate CopolymerC14-22 AlcoholsArachidyl AlcoholStearic AcidGlyceryl StearatePalmitic AcidBehenyl AlcoholGlyceryl CaprylateButylene GlycolC12-20 Alkyl GlucosidePanax Ginseng Root WaterArachidyl GlucosideEthylhexylglycerinSorbitan IsostearatePolysorbate 60Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root ExtractBeta Vulgaris (Beet) Root ExtractMyristic AcidHydroxypropyl Bispalmitamide Mea (Ceramide Pc-104 32.7Ppm)MannitolLauric AcidAcrylates/​Ammonium Methacrylate CopolymerPerilla Ocymoides Leaf ExtractCholesterolSilicaTocopherol

Source: Incide Coder

Concentrate Cream

WaterButylene GlycolGlycerinCetyl EthylhexanoatePentaerythrityl TetraisostearateStearic AcidCyclopentasiloxanePalmitic AcidBehenyl AlcoholHydroxypropyl Bispalmitamide MeaPanax Ginseng Root ExtractMagnolia Biondii Flower ExtractCholesterolPerilla Ocymoides Seed ExtractLactobacillus/​Soybean Ferment Extract1,2-HexanediolC12-20 Alkyl GlucosideC14-22 AlcoholsGlyceryl CaprylateDimethiconolMannitolCyclohexasiloxaneSilicaArachidyl GlucosideArachidyl AlcoholAcrylates/​Ammonium Methacrylate CopolymerEthylhexylglycerinPolysorbate 20Polyacrylate-13PolyisobutenePropanediol

Source: Incide Coder


Packaging wise, I cannot fault either the lotion or the cream. The concentrate comes in a handy squeezy tube and the lotion comes in a lovely pump bottle. The design is minimalist and mirrors that of many other hypoallergenic products currently available on the market.

I do appreciate how they have that red stamp seal which is reminiscent of the way Koreans use stamps instead of signatures. It’s a lovely touch and grounds these products in their Korean heritage.

One thing to note might be that the pump bottle has an airless design and the bottle states specifically that you should not open it so as to maintain the integrity of the airless design. Supposedly, the airless design helps you get to the very last drop of product.

Source: Olive Young Global

・What the company says:・ 

Illiyoon is being manufactured by Amore Pacific, a Korean cosmetics conglomerate. Here’s what they had to say:



What I love about the lotion is how lightweight and non sticky it is, almost like a gel moisturiser. It goes on white but then disperses into an almost watery consistency and then absorbs relatively quickly without any residue or oiliness.

Concentrate Cream

I am not fully certain whether you can see it in the pictures or not, but the concentrate cream contains tiny little spheres that I am, honestly speaking, not particularly fond of, nor do I understand their purpose. It ends up feeling a bit like a physical exfoliant when applied and seeing as my dermatologist advised me to refrain from any type of scrub, I do not appreciate the texture. The little bits do disappear, so what I end up doing is warming up the cream between the palms of my hand to melt the bits and once they have softened, I gingerly dab the cream on my face. It takes slightly longer to absorb but it does eventually and with no stickiness or residue, either, leaving just well moisturised skin behind.


Both are unscented, thank goodness.


  • I like to apply the lotion over any type of watery product such as toners, essences or serums, but before richer moisturisers / face oils / sunscreens, as I feel that it helps to seal in watery products.
  • As for the cream, I like to apply it just over the lotion in the AM and sometimes at night too.

So to give you a better visual representation:

AM Routine

pH balanced foam cleanser ➡ toner ➡ serum ➡ water mist ➡ hyaluronic acid lotion ➡ water mist ➡ Illiyoon Ato Lotion ➡ Illiyoon Ato Cream Concentrate ➡ sunscreen

PM Routine

biphase eye makeup remover ↣ micellar water ↣ oil cleanser ↣ pH balanced foam cleanser ↣ toner ↣ serum ↣ water mist ↣ hyaluronic acid lotion ↣ water mist ↣ Illiyoon Ato Lotion ↣ Uriage Xemose cream ↣ Trilogy rosehip oil


Both the lotion and the cream have been absolute legends in that they have been working to repair skin damaged by rubbing and scrubbing too much. Over the course of only few days, they bring down redness and inflammation, diminish fine lines a little and nourish and hydrate the skin so very well. I feel that they both repair skin, and even when my skin is angry or red, applying these feels like drawing a comforting blanket over my skin barrier. I would not say that they work instantly but they do help improve the overall condition within a couple of days.

They are simple moisturisers that pack a punch on both good and bad skin days. Sometimes, all you want is a product that you know will care for your skin and actually work to improve whatever skin condition you might be having. Plus, at these price points, you really cannot argue with that value for money ratio.

I would think that these would suit most (all?) skin types due to the fact that they absorb quickly, are not sticky and are hypoallergenic, ie formulated to not irritate, and soothe your skin.

・Final Thoughts:・  

I consider these HG material and I can see myself using those for years and years to come. Already repurchased.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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8 thoughts on “Review: Illiyoon – Ceramide Ato Lotion & Concentrate Cream (Gift Set) | Korean Skincare Products that Work

  1. I use the lotion as my night facial moisturizer. Being 58 y/o, post-mastectomy and a non-lotion user may have caused my atopic dermatitis. It was such a relief to realize that the bothersome months-long itching on my legs and feet (esp at night) has finally stopped after just a few nightly applications of one part ILLIYOON LOTION to two parts Johnson’s baby lotion for my body. I’m glad I found a co-fan. I hope the price doesn’t go up once more folks discover illiyoon 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Illiyoon is lovely for sensitive skin! Here in Korea they go on sale often or come in skincare sets. Thankfully I don’t see the price going up in the near future.

      If itchy skin is a concern for you, I’d recommend Uriage’s Xemose lipid replenishing cream though. Have you heard of that one? Maybe layer Illiyoon underneath too. Their cleanser is fantastic too for sensitive skin.


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