Review: Mediheal – Labocare Pantenolips Healbalm

Whee, a pretty long name for a lip balm! I no longer see this in stores, so I am assuming that it has been discontinued. I got this originally at Lalavla, and though I cannot seem to remember the exact price, I am thinking that it must have been under KRW 10,000 or less than USD 10 as I am unlikely to spend more than that on a puny lip balm. Previously, I’d only known this company to manufacture sheet masks, so them venturing into lip balms was an interesting adventure for me to gamble on.  

What it is

This is a soft lip balm creme housed in a squeezy tube. It comes out a slightly opaque white. The size is quite generous, as it comes with 10ml of product. 

Any scents/aromas? 

Yes, actually. The scent was slightly bubblegummy and sweet, much like the stuff they use at the dentist’s when processing imprints of your teeth e.g. when preparing your braces and the like. I could almost feel a slightly numbing sensation every time I applied this balm. 

So how moisturising was it? 

Not very, actually. This most definitely is not for people with seriously chapped or cracked lips. While it does go on smoothly, it does not quite sink in, staying instead on top of your lips like a greasy film of bubblegum. Not cool! It also does not feel moisturising or hydrating to be used on its own. What I will concede is the following: If you are hellbent on making this work, do try using it under lipstick, glosses, tints and the like. It might just be slippery enough to help your lip products go on more smoothly.  

Final thoughts

Do yourself a favour and find a better lip balm. I did use it up, but I wasn’t trying very hard to get all of the product out of it. No cutting open tubes for me this time. 

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