Review: Bifesta Eye and Lip – Eye Makeup Remover

This is one of those bi phase makeup removers. You know, those with a watery layer and an oily layer that you need to shake up in order for them to mix.

To this day, I am not sure whether this is a marketing ploy or whether it actually does do a better job of removing eye makeup. There are emulsifiers out there that would make it possible for the oil and the water to mix, so why not do it? If you know, please let me and everyone else know in the comments! 🙂

But I digress. Let’s get into the review!

TL;DR: This is one of the top eye makeup removers that I have tried, along with this Sensibio micellar water that attained cult status a few years ago.


Source: cosDNA

Size/Quantity: 145ml, which seems to be pretty much standard size among specialised eye makeup removers.

Price & Availability: Available at Lalavla Korea and Olive Young for ₩10,000 (roughly US$ 9) when on sale, otherwise I’ve seen it retail for ₩12,000-15,000 .

Opinion: This removes eye makeup really, really well.

My preferred method is to soak 1/3 to 1/2 of a cotton pad, place it on one of my eyes and lightly pat. I then move on to the next eye where again I place the cotton pad over my closed eye and dab and pat a little. I then go back to the first eye and gently swipe along the eye until most of the makeup is gone and I then finish by swiping the second eye.

Next, I go over my entire face with another micellar water that I use only for my face, an oil cleanser, and a foam cleanser.

Following this routine keeps my lashes and skin around the eyes in tip top shape.

What I like about this eye makeup remover that it does not sting my eyes and is quite efficient at breaking down eye makeup, including primers and waterproof mascara.

It can be a tad oily and if you get a lot of it your eyes at once, it might feel a bit uncomfortable. If you just get a little in your eye, your eyes will be fine, though.

Final Thoughts

I really liked this one and I will consider repurchasing. For the time being, I have my beloved Sensibio stocked up, which I prefer in a way because it is not oily and can also remove face makeup.

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