Base Make-Up Empties | Is Corona Changing the way I do Make-Up?

I’m pretty sure I already asked the question earlier this year, but I feel as though it is time to check in again. Has Corona changed the way you do make-up? Is it the same as before? Do you wear less, do you wear more? Do leave your thoughts in the comments. Last time I checked, my favourite beauty blogger – Paris B of My Women Stuff – was even wearing lipstick under her mask. Wild!

My make-up, or lack thereof, has definitely changed, but I cannot tell for sure whether that is because

  • my skin is better (my skin actually looks better now than it ever did in my 20s),
  • I am lazier,
  • I am more confident in my own skin, or
  • Corona has a part to play in it owing to the fact that I don’t like my mask looking like an impressionist painting from the inside, not to mention the makeup being smudged or getting rubbed off.

These days, it’s mascara and brows merely brushed into place (no brow products); if I’m feeling outrageous, the cat liner makes an appearance.

In 2020, I was still wearing foundation under my mask on occasion, whereas in 2021, I stopped wearing any make-up altogether. From what I can tell, my skin has neither changed for better nor for worse from not wearing makeup, and I also feel that if the mask mandate were lifted here in Korea, that I would go back to wearing base make-up. Miraculously, I still managed to finish a couple of products. Let’s jump in.

Skinfood Darkcircle [sic] Concealer Cream in 01 Light

I have been buying and repurchasing this ever since I first came to Korea, more than 6 years ago now.

The ingredients list features salmon roe extract and the product itself smells a tad… like salmon, actually. Not in a bad, fishy way, more in a clean, marine way. What I love about this concealer is how it applies very creamily and leaves behind an almost shiny finish. It covers purple and blue tones very well on its own; if you apply foundation on top, you basically get the under eyes of a 5-year-old. I love it!

Sadly, all Skinfood shops in my area have closed – Corona? and I won’t be going out of my way to make my way across Seoul for a replacement, but I will be sure to buy another pot of goodness if I ever pass a Skinfood shop. I paid a manner or thereabouts for 10g of product, and it lasts you literal years. Fantastic value for money!

Dr Jart+ Dermakeup Fit Cushion in 01 Light

To anyone who will listen, I have been singing the praises of my favourite foundation of all time – Dr Jart+’s Dermakeup Silver Label Rejuvenating BB cream. Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking the cushion version of that same BB, in the same shade, from the same line, would be just as mind-blowing.

Turns out, the cushion version is a completely different product. Coverage was sheer to light, which I hated. I prefer medium to full coverage foundations which I can then sheer out myself into oblivion – I get the coverage I need but with very little product on skin, a trick which I learnt from YouTuber Wayne Goss. Any other Wayne Goss fans out there?

As you may know, I love me a glowy finish – this one did ok on that front, though I wish it could have been a bit juicier – at the same time, the product never quite seemed to settle on my skin. It stayed wet and malleable on skin and would smear off immediately in its entirety if I so much as breathed. For these reasons, I will not be looking into repurchasing this cushion, plus I have to finish its big BB brother first, of which I still have at least 80% left in the tube.

Here are some action shots from 2020:

WakeMake Founlab Concealer in 201 Vanilla [discontinued / repackaged?]

I thought I swatched this concealer on its own but perhaps I did not. My bad! Here are some action shots I took when reviewing another cleanser. The Founlab Concealer is the swatch right in the middle, between the gold eyeshadow and mascara.

As you can tell from the photos, the swatch is much too yellow. You’d think that’d be great for dark under eyes, but in my case, it is not, because my skin has a lot of neutral and cool undertones by the looks of it. If you look at the bottom swatch that’s very neutral, almost grey – that’s my skintone right there. This WakeMake concealer is ok in terms of consistency though and I would not rule out getting it again but in a cooler undertone in the future. I’d also be curious to see if the texture would have changed, as I found that the concealer could do with a bit of silicone or something along those lines for blendability.

Final Thoughts

I cannot wait to start wearing foundation and highlighter again.. whenever that will be. I really miss wearing a full face, at least every once in a while, just for laughs and giggles.

Final question:

Do you prefer sheer foundations or highly pigmented ones? How do you blend and wear them? Any changes in your base routine?

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4 thoughts on “Base Make-Up Empties | Is Corona Changing the way I do Make-Up?

  1. The days I’m working from home I’m not wearing any makeup at all, but the days I’m working in the office I wear makeup the same way I did before the pandemic with the only exception that I use formulas which are more transfer-free and “mask-proof”, both for lips and base makeup.

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  2. Ooh I tried the Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle cream in a pump bottle maybe 10ish years ago and forgot all about it until reading your post, the concealer sounds quite nice, I suppose that peachy tone works as a corrector which I need in my life πŸ˜€

    I prefer light to medium coverage foundations and use concealer for more coverage on specific areas πŸ˜€

    Also, I’ve been wearing makeup as normal whenever I go out, including lippy under the mask but I try to use something transfer-proof.

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