Review: Round a Round Olive Young Banana Milk Moisturizing Hand Cream


Today’s review is a hand cream! During the winter, I tend to go through tons of hand creams as my skin is naturally dehydrated, so indoor heating and frequent use of hand sanitiser, low humidity and soap dry out my hands completely.

I got this one in particular as a gift with purchase. I was super stoked, too, seeing as this was a full-size product.


If you live in Korea, you might have tried Binggerae’s banana flavoured milk (빙그레 바나나맛 우유). It’s a local cult product and apparently has been in production since 1974, according to the English version of their company website. The hand cream smells exactly like the milk, and the scent makes it a dream to put on.


The cream is housed inside a tin container that makes up the ‘milk’ container part of the packaging. Inside, a plastic lid covers the cream and you can take it off to get the cream out once you screw off the top half of the tin.


When I read ‘banana milk’, I was wondering whether it wouldn’t be too thin in terms of texture. I’m happy to report that it applies well, being neither too runny nor too thick to work into hands. Admittedly, I was a bit worried whether it would irritate cracked skin or bleeding skin, but I am happy to report that it felt soothing, in spite of the rather strong (though nice) fragrance. It moisturised quite well and was sufficient enough as an everyday sort of hand cream. Do note that while I do have cracked skin sometimes, I would not consider myself at the extreme end of the spectrum, so if you’re looking for something extraordinarily moisturising, you might want to keep looking. For me personally, this was sufficient during the harsh Korean winter.

Final thoughts

Personally, I am not a hand cream snob, and I will usually buy whatever is on sale at the local drug store. That being said, I will consider repurchasing in the future if it is on sale, as I quite enjoyed using it.

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