Review: Lee Ji Ham Tea Tree 70 Mist Toner


Hi there! Another toner, but of the same brand reviewed previously (check out my facial cleanser review here). It’s Lee Ji Ham’s Tea Tree 70 toner, which supposedly contains 70% tea tree oil.

I got this toner mainly because it purported to contain tea tree oil. Tea tree oil, as you may be aware, is antibacterial and can often be found in acne products. I got this at Watsons (now Lalavla) for somewhere around KRW16,000 (ca USD15) while it was on sale, ordinarily, it would have been around KRW21,000 or so if I remember correctly.

What is it?

This is a clear toner that has an ever so slightly yellowish-greenish tint to it. It comes in a spray bottle – you get to choose whether you would prefer spraying it directly on your face, or spray it on your hands, then pat in, or if you’d rather spray it on a cotton round and swipe it across your face.

This burned my eyes whenever it got into them (no surprises there – tea tree oil is not known for being an eye drop ingredient), so I would personally recommend using your hands or a cotton round to smoosh it around your face.

How does it apply?

This is a very watery, runny toner, and behaves much as water would when landing on your face. Plan your application methods accordingly. It does sink in after a bit of patting and facial massage.

How does it smell?

It smells of nothing, actually. If anything, perhaps a bit herbal?

How did I like it?

It was alright. It did not break me out, but it did not improve my acne, either. On those grounds alone, I was not very impressed, especially considering that the size is actually quite small for the price and that there are heaps of other drugstore options out there at much lower price points per millilitre.

Final thoughts

You guessed it – I didn’t hate it, but it was not lifechanging, either. It did not do anything at all for me.



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