Review: Nair – Sugar Wax (Candy Apple) | A Great At Home Waxing Kit for when you’re on a Budget, Plus, TMI alert

I’ll admit it: The older I am getting, the less time do I spent on defuzzing myself, mainly because I have realised that my body hair, being light blonde and soft, is not as big a deal as teenage me thought it was. Whereas I used to shave myself top to bottom in secondary school and during my college years every other day, I started to spend less and less time from uni onwards. Growing up is so liberating!

I have gone from shaving, to depilatory devices that gripped and ripped out individual hairs (which only led to ingrown hairs en masse), to professional waxing…. back to shaving for underarms, bikini area and legs once or twice a week, plus waxing for the legs during the colder months every 6 weeks or so. What’s your hair removal routine like? Do share in the comments!

Side note re: bikini area. 🚨🚨🚨TMI alert! If you’re easily scandalised, stop reading here.🚨🚨🚨

I do like to leave a little landing strip, which I believe is called a French bikini line… or is it a Brazilian??

…Just because being completely hairless down there freaks me out a bit as I’d like to look like a grown woman, rather than an 8 year old paedo victim…

Which makes me wonder… How do the cool kids wear their *valley girl accent* ~vajayjay~ these days? When I was growing up, it was definitely cool to be completely, um, free of any hair. That’s what I used to be all about, too.

However, with all those movements towards body acceptance, etc (anyone remember the trend of dyeing your armpit hair??), I have a feeling that perhaps it’s ok to get yer merkin on?? Anyone in the know??

Now, on to Nair’s Sugar Wax. Today’s review is therefore only applicable to removing longer leg hair. As you can see, I loved it enough to repurchase a couple of times, actually! Let’s get into the review.

・What it is: ・

It’s an at home hot waxing kit.


Great for at-home waxing provided you own a microwave.

・Price & Availability: ・

You can get the wax at both Lalavla and Olive Young Korea. I remember seeing one kit going for anything in between ₩9,900 to ₩18,000 but usually for something around ₩15,000.

・Size/Quantity: ・

You get one plastic jar containing 300g of wax, plus waxing strips and a spatula.


I could not find any official ingredients listings, so here is my translation based on the Korean product copy.

Glucose, glycerin, maltodextrine, citric acid, perfume, water, apple extract, sugar extract, Red 40, Red 33


Not much to say here. Functional and it works. The lid screws on tightly.

・What the company says:・ 

Goodbye expensive salon sugar wax appointments! Indulge your senses with Nair™ Irresistible Candy Apple Sugar Wax. This moisturizing formula with apple & sugar cane extract leaves your skin feeling smooth for results that last up to 4 weeks*. Proven effective even on short hair!

Key Features and Benefits

  • • Irresistible Candy Apple scent
  • • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • • Efficacy – 100% Rinsable formula works on hair as short as 2 mm, so you wait less time between uses
  • • Sugar Wax Formulation – coats the entire hair, making it easier to remove at the root without damaging the skin
  • • Affordable – Hair removal at a fraction of the cost of the salon
  • • Convenient – Can be used in the comfort of your own home
  • • Added Benefits – Formulated with Moisturizing Apple and Sugar Cane Extract
  • • Salon applicator for better application
  • • Dermatologist tested
  • • Kit includes 300g tub, 15 washable & reusable strips and 1 salon spatula

*Individual results may vary


The wax is thick like molasses at room temperature and grows thinner the more it is heated up.


It smells beautifully of toffee apple. Much love here! I also love the deep red colour, as it looks like blood and I get to live out my horror fantasies while removing leg hair. 🧟‍♀️


The trickiest part, I feel, is getting the temperature right as you use up the wax. When you first start using it and follow the instructions – heat up for a few minutes, stir, apply – are all good, but once you have less product to work with, I find that it gets trickier to adjust time to heat accordingly. I have definitely burnt myself a bit because I heated the wax too long. I therefore recommend patch testing as you start going through the wax more quickly.

Follow the instructions on the box, heat up the wax in the microwave, stir the wax with the spatula and apply it to where you wish to remove wax. Then, take one of the strips provided and smooth it over the wax. Wait for a bit (I’d usually start waxing my other leg), 30 seconds perhaps, then pull the wax off.

You can even reuse the strip once or twice more before it becomes unusable, at which point you chuck into the shower or sink to rinse off the strips and get them ready to be reused.

The fact that the sugar wax can be washed down the drain and thus does not contribute to rubbish is a bonus too.


Obviously this is not salon quality and I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain, so I only got 90-95% of the hairs each time but that’s good enough for me because as mentioned, my hair is blond and soft to start with.

I’d imagine if you were a more fearless individual, that you’d get all of the hairs out.

What I like though, is that this wax really makes waxing somewhat painless.

・Final Thoughts:・  

We moved house this year and the new place did not come with a built-in microwave like the old place did. As we tend to eat out a lot (it is often cheaper to eat out where I live, especially considering I usually just have myself to cook for as the husband eats at work), I did not choose to buy a microwave and therefore now cannot use the wax any longer. But if I still had one, I’d definitely repurchase this wax. Efficient, smells great, reasonably priced.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Nair – Sugar Wax (Candy Apple) | A Great At Home Waxing Kit for when you’re on a Budget, Plus, TMI alert

  1. “How do the cool kids wear their *valley girl accent* ~vajayjay~ these days?” This made me giggle 😁 I was going to answer, but I’m almost 40 so I’m not exactly a cool kid anymore. Not that I was ever cool… 😝

    It sounds like it smells pretty yummy, but yeah, I think the red color might freak me out a bit too!


    1. Haha! I think you’re still cool, if it counts!

      I have noticed that the first one I had was a very bright red, like fresh blood or ketchup, which I was super into. The next one I had was more of a darker wine/burgundy red. Perhaps women like you were freaked out as well so they changed formulations, or maybe there are inconsistencies when it comes to adding pigment during the manufacturing process. Performance was the same.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww Thanks! 🤗
        And yes, if something looks too much like blood, then it’s kind of freaky to me. Anything apple-scented is fantastic, though 💖💖

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh I had no idea they sell Nair in Korea ~ This version sounds quite decent. I used to work at a laser clinic and either full Hollywood or Brazilian were still so popular, but with my waxing clients, it’s usually not a full Hollywood.


  3. Oooh how interesting!
    Also seeing as pubic hair does actually serve a biological function (keeping germs & bacteria out) I guess it makes sense to leave at least a little something to the imagination.

    Personally I still can’t do a full bush but people should do as they please I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

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