Review: CNP Laboratory – Propolis Ampoule Mist

Never mind those scribbles on my arm! It’s how I like to take notes of urgent things that I know I am bound to forget.

Do you use mists on the daily? I have since migrated to decanting toner into a spray bottle, but a few months ago, I was using this face mist. How did I get sucked in? Well, I completely fell for the marketing blurb. As soon as I saw the product copy, which read ‘glossy skin’, I fell for this, hook, line and sinker. I am all for glowy, hydrated skin, and a product that says glossy is irresistible to me for that reason.

Also, it was on sale at the time, costing roughly KRW 16,000 at the time (ca USD 16) for 250ml, which in my eyes was not bad for a high-end drugstore brand.

What it is

This is a clear face mist that comes in an aluminium can. The opaque can protects the toner from oxidation, which I appreciate. I also enjoyed the fact that this dispenses via a pump spray mechanism, rather than one that uses aerosol gases (remember my rant about aerosol gases when I was testing out that high-end Sisley face mist?

I used this as both a toner and a setting spray on top of powder and foundation, and it worked equally well for these purposes.

How did it work for me?

It was alright, actually. It offered hydration and moisture for when I was using Paris B’s moisture sandwich method (

That being said, I would not say that this was in any way abundantly hydrating or moisturising. It was… ok, but then so are dozens of other toners out there. Some of them work out cheaper if you work out the price by the ounce, but not many, and the price is actually decent. This also did not break me out or exacerbate my acne.

Final Thoughts

This was alright! For the time being, I am experimenting with other toners, which I am choosing to decant into empty spray bottles and use them as face mists, toners, or to wet my makeup sponges. Do check this out for yourself if you are in the market for a face mist.

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